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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie

You probably have seen in one on the hauls on my YouTube last year, that I got a Revlon lip butter in "Candy Apple", which is a gorgeus warm-toned red. Recently I've acqured another from a giveaway I won, in Raspberry Pie, which looks as yummy and pretty as it sounds.

The packaging on these lip products are very sleek and they do not look at all cheap. I also love the viewing window for the colour and how the lid is a similar colour to the lip product. Sadly, being the clutz that I am, I had the hardest time opening it at first and got lip butter all over the cover haha.

The formula is very good, a nice smooth even colour when you're applying it to your lips. No patchiness, and very moisturising for a lip colour. As the name suggests, it's like butter, but beware in tropical, warm places this can melt in storage. I have found my older one melted a bit in my cosmetics bag.

The colour is a cool-toned pink with makes my teeth look whiter than they really are. They chose the best name for this shade, as it does remind me of a raspberry. This lip product leaves a nice sheen to the lips, and isn't sticky, but is a tad heavy. You can defintely tell that you are wearing it on your lips. I wouldn't add a gloss over it, it's great as is, and the colour pay-off is surprising. You only need to do one swipe to get medium coverage and it is buildable.

After eating, drinking and talking (a lot), the sheen obviously doesn't not stay, but the colour stains your lips. I wore this on the first day of the Girlfriend's Expo this year and it lasted for about 6 hours, that is with me reapplying just lip balm to me lips occasionally because my lips tend to dry out once exposed. I was very impressed!

The Verdict:Pros:
  • Great colour pay-off
  • Good amount of product
  • Gives a nice sheen to lips
  • Lasts about 6 hours (on me)
  • Stains lips (this colour)
  • Moisturising for a lip colour (still not as moisturising as a lip balm, obviously)
  • Chic packaging
  • Hard to open on first use (or maybe that was just me)
  • Pricey in Barbados ($20BDS+) and never on special :(
The Raw Sugar:
I love the the lip butters, especially this colour. I want to try the lilac one next, if not Creme Brulee that I have seen tons rave about. OR the Relvon Lip Balm Stains. However those as like $25BDS....and on a student budget, I can't see myself getting that anytime soon. But this product is definitely worth purchasing if you want to tip toe into wearing lipstick, or just moving away from nude lips as you can build the colour intensity and it feels a bit like lip balm.

Where you can find it: Cave Shepherd (Barbados)
Drugstores (USA)

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