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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Aspiration Diaries #4 (busy week!)

Hey all! It's been quite a busy week. I've been up and down, lacking on sleep, flustered , stressed and so much more, but it's the end of a week and here's the update I promised.

First off, I only got 1 thing done off of my entire list. one thing was completed, that was the February photo challenge. It was fun to do, but I'm very disappoited that I was only able to finish that this week. I did try to keep blog posts consistent, however I do thing that there was one point when I was thrown a bit off of my schedule. I was not very strict with my spending this week, as I was at school for a lot longer doing tons more, but for next week I have a bit of a fail safe. I hope it works. I need to go to the supermarket to make sure this works though haha, when will I have time to get there...

So what has me so busy? I announed this in one of my previous videos, I am the Vice President of the student committee for my faculty (Science & Technology) and our week of activities are coming up. Actually it starts this Sunday and runs until Saturday. We've been having a number of meetings for the past few weeks, tying up a number of loose ends and making contact with those who we can to make sure all of our bases or covered. So many times for this week I have been at school earlier than anticipated. Add to that the fact that I am doing a research project and you have quite a hefty combination of activities.

I do hope that this week runs smoothly, as we've put a lot of time and effort into it and it is packed with activities. As for my research project, I'm hoping that that also goes how I'd appreciate (finally) for this week.

My friends and family hardly see me these days, it's kind of hard, but I'm just praying that the hardwork pays off and that I will see my schedule free up again. Next week will be very busy so I think I will only put very simple goals for it.

  1. Post pictures to Instagram of my faculty week. (You can follow me here)
  2. Study for upcoming tests before weekend begins (I feel there is a fat chance of this happening, but a girl can dream..)
  3. Have FUN.
Do you have any goals for this week? was last week also very tough for you And is it just me, or are the days flying so quickly by, that it becomes a blur? Maybe that's just me....

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