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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Aspiration Diaries #10 | Recap

Hey everyone!  I've made it to number 10 in this series, a bit of a milestone! Yay! This week w will be looking back at the past posts and see if I was able to follow up on most things. If you were following along with your weekly goals also, check up and see how much progress you have made.

School-related Goals:

Something that has popped up almost every week in my aspiration diaries was my research project. It's not completely over yet, as I do have to make a presentation (which I will be marked for), but it is mostly done. Over this time I've read a ton of research articles, skimmed some others, but thank God it's over with.

Another thing that appeared for half of the time I've been making these posts were events my student committee were planning. I'm really glad that I had a chance to be a part of it, and all of our events, even the ones we were worried about came off well. Everyone from students to lecturers were raving about the week of activities. So I just feel extremely proud and happy to have been a part of it and that it was so successful.

You'd also notice like any student, I had a lot of goals focused around studying. Something that I learnt from a seminar I once went to, was to study and take breaks and time to reward yourself. It motivates you to study more. With this semester being so hectic, sometimes I lost motivation to study and would have to remind myself that it was important. I took breaks by reading some of my favourite blogs, watching the occasional YouTube video, or hanging out with friends. I have yet to see if the results equate to the work and time I put in...

Social Media & Blogging Goals:

Sadly this year I could not keep up with my YouTube for various reasons, school, time, equipment and editing. I did not get to post my announcement video where I would officially announce my hiatus, simply because time got away from me and it was going to be a hassle. I hope that at some point I can fix this though (probably at the end of my exams).

I joined Instagram when I first got my tablet last year and sadly I was not posting very often, in fact I was just exploiting "liking" pictures haha. So I decided to join photo challenges and even challenged myself to take and post pictures more often. I remember years ago I loved taking pictures and posting to Facebook. Any, I've been using Instagram more now, posting more often, face of the days, food, random stuff, and enjoying it! You could see my feed in the side bar, or click the pink camera button on the top right of the page.

If you were following along my blog for a while, you might have noticed that previously my posting was more sporadic and although I'd try to space post, there would be long pauses in between. Well, from March I have been trying to follow a blogging schedule. This is a bit hard, as I sometimes don't know just what to post about, but it leads me to looking in new places for inspiration. Speaking of which, Pinterest is a  new means of inspiration for me, it's fairly random and I thought at first that I wouldn't like it, but it's growing on me. I could spend hours on there pinning and finding very interesting boards. I'm actually quite glad I joined. These past few weeks my blog posts have not been as consistent as I'd like, but I do hope to rectify this as soon as exams are over. School gotta come first ya know?

Beauty Goals:

Although my friends like to call me a beauty guru, which I really am not, I do not take that much time for my beauty routine on mornings or even at night. I like to be out of the house as fast as possible because there's always the chance that you'd miss the bus; and after a hard day of work sometimes removing mascara is the furthest thing from my mind. Even my hair I just get very fed up with, especially when I try a new style that really ends up looking awful to me.

So in my weekly goals I tried to include trying new make up looks, removing my make up before bed and lately taking better care of my hair, as I was slacking off. I also included painting my nails, which I am yet to get to because I hate the wait of drying nails haha. But I have been trying to apply neutral shadows for class, and I have an everyday look, which usually doesn't include eyeshadow unless I feel like it. I've also discovered a new product which seems to help my complexion, the Maybelline BB Cream (finally in Barbados), and I will be doing a review of it soon. I've gotten so much better with cleansing my face before bed, and although I still have a bit of clogged pores and dark spots, I've seen less acne because of it.

Personal goals:


I wanted to save a lot this semester and although I did save, I lot of my money was spent on food or school supplies and the occasional beauty item. I hope that with a job this summer I can continue to work on saving.

I also mentioned that I worry a lot. Just about everyone who knows me, knows that I do. I like things to work out and be perfect, and of course that's unrealistic, but I really do appreciate to see something well planned come off. But in reality, everything doesn't just happen how u analyse it to, and sometimes you have to let things fall into place without giving yourself grey hair over it. So a continuing goal for me will be to worry less. Sometimes I have to physically remind myself to do so, but I will keep trying at it.

Along with worrying, I didn't let myself have enough fun or hang out and just relax a bit. I was always trying to do too much, so quality time would turn into work time in two twos. Another continuing goal I have for myself is to relax and just enjoy. Hang out with friends and family without thinking about what's next and what has to be done.

Finally, I had a few minor goals, like baking or cooking something special, play with my make up, just to again, have a bit of fun and relax. I hope that if you were following along with your weekly goals that you have seen some progress in yourself as well as some areas to work on. For me I know I need to work on worrying less, relaxing more, spending quality time with loved ones, balancing my time better when it comes to college and blogging, and being bold enough to try new make up looks and hairstyles. Definitely have send out some killer resumes and find a job to support my beauty habit haha, ok no I'm not actually addicted to make up...

I hope you all enjoyed this very long recap and until next post!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

From Cocktails to Formal Dinners| Fashion

While they weather is warming up in the States and Europe, it's been warm here in Barbados for a while, but we too are finally heading into wedding and graduation season. I was looking through my emails and saw this post about Chi Chi clothing store and boy am I glad I did! They have beautiful formal dresses!

Loving these dresses from Chi Chi

These dresses aren't too gaudy and at the same time don't look too casual either. They beautiful enough for going out to the club, a quick drink or even to dinner. I love that they have a really nice selection of evening gowns too. I'm surprised at the pricing too, especially the sale gowns. Sadly buying from the UK is a bit pricey considering the conversion rate from BDS to GBP, but had I the money to spare I would.

Chi Chi along with etailPR are having a contest right now where a £200 gift card for the store is up for grabs. I know if I were to win these would be the dresses I'd pick! the two larger pictures (along the flanks) are my absolute favourites, but I'll get to those shortly.

The 3 dresses on the top row seem perfect in both comfort and style for a night out. Be it a dinner with friends, clubbing or even a special date. I'm a big fan of the details each of them have. Lace, sequins and peplum, even that cut out halter is to die for!

The next row with the longer dresses seem suitable for a weddings (as a guest), a formal dinner, graduation or prom. We don't have prom here in Barbados though, but we do have pageant and I could definitely see persons wearing similar styles to this. The sheer fabric is perfect for here in the tropics and it's still very detailed. At my secondary school graduation, I had a very similar gown to the pink and purple one on the right and I was in love with it!

Finally we have my 2 absolute favourites. On the left, is a gorgeous ivory dip hem dress which I think would be lovely for graduation, while on the right is a cocktail dress with beautiful lace detailed bodice and pleather skirt. I'm just in love with these two. So very chic.

Anyway, check out the Chi Chi website and tell me your favourite in the dresses in the comments. I love that the prices aren't too outrageous. you can definitely get about 4 dresses or more for £200!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Maybelline Vivids Lipstick- Electric Orange | Swatches & Review

I recently attained one of the Maybelline Vivid collection lipsticks in the colour Electric Orange, which is a screamingly bright orange. At first, I was a bit intimidated by the brightness of this lip colour, but as I tried it, it grew on me. To me, this seems more daring than wearing a bright pink or even a red lipstick because it is just ... so.. ORANGE!

Electric Orange is a red toned orange, typical of the orange crayon would always see as a child. The packaging of the product is also very bright with a highlighter bright orange cap and a silver tube. The packaging feels a bit bulky compared to other lipsticks that I own, but it is definitely unique for the colour. I love that the cap matches back to the lipstick because it helps a lot in storage. Mind you, this lipstick is highly pigmented !

The smell of this lipstick is somewhat candy-like, I can't quite put my finger on it. Reminds me of Sweet tarts or something along those lines. The formula felt moisturising when I tried it and for the short length of time that it was swatched, it stained my hand, so that must speak something of the staying power. The lipstick also leaves a glossy finish, which is not sticky.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Windows Phone YouTube app to blow your mind!

Hey all! I'm not an extremely techy person, I know the basics and a bit extra, and this is by no means a tech blog, but my friend Blackman who I did a tag video with like 2 summers ago made an amazing Windows Phone app. It's called MyTube and is for watching YouTube videos. This app has actually been raved about on the WP Central blog. How awesome is that!

 If you could show my friend your support, just go download his app. There's a free trial version which allows you to view 1 hour of video before you have to wait 10 minutes to view more, or you could also purchase the full version for $0.99USD. I can't even buy it or use it as I don't have a Windows Phone, but if I did, I'd have this for sure because sometimes the official YouTube app can be rather glitchy.

Check it out on the Windows Phone Store
Here are a few screen shots!


Aspiration Diaries #9

Hey all! Yes this post is like a day late, but I took Saturday for a bit of relaxation and studying.
Today I have finally completed my research project. It feels so good to be finished and finally a bit more free! The only thing preventing me from becoming a couch potato now is exams within the next 2 weeks.

I am also proud to say that I completed a number of my goals from last week. Some not to the effect that I may have wanted, and a few bumps here or there, but that's something to work on this week. I have studied a bit for finals, I think I made some good progress considering when I started (this huge project being due and all). This week I will be going hard on studying, especially since I finally can hand in my completed project.

I did remember to carry my water bottle most days I was at school, but sadly I was so busy I sometimes forgot to drink the water haha. At least as I worked at the PC I kept a glass of water close by. It's always a good idea to keep hydrated. Especially when you're working hard on something. Of course, you have to eat and have a snack in there too.

This week I baked some KFC style biscuits. My first time and they were so good straight out t=of the oven, my family loved them! For the next try, I think I'll add a bit more butter so they stay moist and they got a bit dry after I stored them. But not like anyone mind, because they did not last past 2 days  haha!

I am happy to say that I also spent less time playing Word Ruzzle and when I did play this week I sucked. So I guess that was a sign that I should take a break from it and focus on my work haha. But you wait until exams are over, I'll be unbeatable!

Onto my goals for next week:
  • Study for finals and remember to take breaks
  • Find a bit of time to try out some make up looks
Anyway here are a few quick snaps from my week, I honestly have the worst lighting for self shots,  but ah well. Hope you all had a productive week!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Make up look & Announcement

Hey all! Today I have a make up look I recreated from Maya Mia (Instagram). I haven't done full out make up in so long, please excuse my mistakes. As usual, my lashes are a bit wonky, but I hope you enjoy the look.

On the note of make up, I was to publish a post about my YouTube hiatus/break, but I kept putting it off until I could make a video. Sadly, time has passed me by and I haven't. I will not be making video tutorials or beauty videos until about August or September. Hopefully I'd be able to start back earlier than that, because I really miss making them and replying to comments and doing tags. Anyway, you can leave requests for videos on my channel, blog, or Facebook and at least I'd have a bunch of videos to do by the time I get back.

Monday, April 15, 2013

MAC Daddy's Little Girl lipstick Comparisons (bonus gloss)

I've make mention of this lipstick quite often since I got it and that's because I have nothing like it in my collection. I love how bright and fun it is and it is blue toned too, meaning that it should make my teeth look whiter.
This is not a dupe list as I do not have that many lip products that I could find a dupe, but I just thought it would be interesting to show you how different it is from other pinks and purples that I have. (Btw Candy Yum Yum is in a whole other category by it's self, that is just a bright electric neon pink, so it wasn't included.)

I recently acquired the Maybelline lip gloss in Raspberry Reflections that compliments this lip colour so well! I will be giving a full review on that very soon, but until then here are some swatches of it over DLG.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Aspiration Diaries #8

You sometimes you have a big paper to write and you have your topic and resources all ready, but when you start to type/write, it all sounds like a bunch of rubbish? Well that was me this weekend with my AD post. Hope everyone had a great week btw! Here's my weekly recap, let's start with the easy stuff.

I did not post more than 4 times on Instagram, my week was fairly dull and as usual filled with work. This week I had not only a test, but also a presentation which required hand-outs and then I decided to do a little extra project work so that I had a bit more results to play with.
 = Christina was busy for most of the week = no fun random Instagram photos.
I'm sorry, but we'll work on that next week, as it's just studying and a bit more lab work.

This was a fun photo from 2 weeks ago that I forgot to post. The new tunnel walk-over
As you might have also noticed, posts this week were a bit delayed, so sorry about that. Along with the things I mentioned earlier, I was still trying to tie together my introduction for my write up. But finally, I think it is finished. I found just the information I was searching for and got around to reading it late last week. Then I took the entire of yesterday to put it all together! I'm so proud. I have to get some feedback on it though, so we'll see how long that feeling lasts, haha.  I haven't completed my experimental as I had wished, but the references are just about covered. Hallelujah!

As I made mention of last week, I wasn't eating at the best times, or the best times and I think this week I did so much better. No post-midnight dinners... except for one day, but I was really hungry. The only sad thing is that I was really lazy about drinking water this week. It didn't appeal to me as it usually does. Probably due to my bag being so heavy from all the stuff I had to tote, but I'll get back to my routine this week.

I'm working my way around to seriously studying for finals, as I have done bits and pieces here and there, but I have to get to beating those books, starting TONIGHT. At least I finally got around to (more like got motivation to) play with my make up. I did a few recreated looks from an amazing make up artist (I have no idea if she really is), called Maya Mia whom I found on Instagram. She's very talented and I wish I could do make up, and my eyebrows in particular as well as her. You'll probably be seeing those make up looks popping up on this blog in the coming weeks, starting this Wednesday.

Finally we're past the rehashing let's move on to this week's goals:
  • Study for finals (no excuses) and take breaks when necessary
  • Hand in my project on time
  • Remember to carry my water bottle
  • Cook/bake something special this week
  • Spend less time playing Word Ruzzle (I'm addicted)
I'm going to give you this quote from last week again because I love it so and I need to learn and live it.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Eyelet Prints for Spring 2013 | Fashion

Hey all! It's a bit later than Wednesday.. ok a lot late, but I still have this Fashion post for you. As I said early in March, some Wednesdays I will post a fashion set or maybe my outfit of the day (if I ever feel up to that haha).
Spring 2013 Eyelets

Anyway, eyelet prints have been popping up everywhere this Spring and here's my take on it. I remember these were popular back when I was in primary school and now they're back in full force. Always a cute girly look. I thought I'd do a white set because I always end up choosing corals or minty greens. This is really easy to wear and breezy. I never really get too dressed up for anything, but this would be nice to wear for a beach picnic or even a Spring BBQ, just because with those whites!

I have two bags because I loved them both and depending on where you would be able to choose appropriately. I love the patent leather Versace bag for a more dressed up feel, while the canvas bag would go more for a casual look. Of course I added some mixed coloured arm candy, with a colour template about the same range as the rest of the outfit.

I love the effortless hair and this fedora is just too cute! these sandals are also a must have and would probably fit my slender feet. Always a problem I have with sandals.

What do you think of the outfit? Will or are you rocking eyelet prints for the season? How do you wear them?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Clearasil PerfectaWash Bargain!

Hey all! Today is going to be a big bargain for you Bajans, while in Cherish Cosmetique in Bridgetown, I spotted the Clearasil PerfectaWash retailing for $15.99. Yes you read that right. $16. This is a system with comes with an automatic dispenser AND two bottles of the cleanser, plus batteries are included in the bundle. Say deal? Yes I think so!

I was actually going to buy the Neutrogena naturals Cleanser and Make up remover, which was around the same price and when I saw this I jumped for joy! I had seen this sometime last year or later on YouTube, thanks to juicystar07 and I thought that it was the most cool thing ever. Ok not the coolest, but it was cool enough was a facial cleanser. Since the Clarisonic and the plethora of high tech skin care gadgets, it was only a wonder why they hadn't done a fancy facial soap pump.

This boasts that there's enough product in a container for 100 uses and the pump dispenses the most accurate amount of product. I will definitely be doing a review on this, but so far, I haven't had any break outs with the soap included. I'm using the Soothing Plant Extracts cleanser, to calm my skin at night.

The only dish I would have with this product is not being able to get refills. But seeing that I like to try out a number of cleansers and scrubs, it might take me a while to finish both cleansers.

Disclaimer: Not sponsored or endorsed. Just a fabulous deal.

Hair and Stress | Beauty

Lately I've been too busy to do a lot of things, and though I shouldn't make it an excuse it's a BIG reason as to why I haven't done so many things that I've started. For example, my hair regimen. At the beginning of the college semester, I tried to keep up with my habit of cowashing weekly and deep conditioning every 2 weeks and washing with shampoo at least 2 twice a month.

After about week 6, shampooing went out the door as did deep conditioning every 2 weeks. I'd be lucky if I remembered conditioner at all! Funny enough I had acquired a number of samples and bought those one-use conditioners just to see how my hair would react to them, but then I lost track of time and haven't been very good to my hair. The plight of a busy student I say.

When I went to the hairdresser this week and she saw just what I had been up to with my hair (cowashing and wearing wash-and-go styles way too often), she told me I needed to put a stop to this nonsense or my hair will suffer. How many of you out there are way too stressed and/or too busy to even take care of your own hair?

I know I am especially with so much going on lately. But we can't just throw in the towel on our hair. I've always wanted long luscious locks of hair and seeing the damage I've done to mine by not putting in the effort to shampoo at least twice monthly, deep condition often AND not wear it in a ponytail everyday in order to be out the door as quickly as possible, I feel quite ashamed.

So for anyone else out there who is feeling the same way as me, tired of breakage, dryness and  lifeless hair, let's take a pledge to take at least 2 hours a week to at least tend to our hair.

  • Deep condition with a moisturising or protein conditioner (especially good for relaxed hair)
  • Cowash weekly or more often if necessary
  • Shampoo often but not excessively (remember cowashing will not clarify everything)
  • Try a different hair style (I need to step out of my ponytail-comfort zone)

And daily don't forget to :
  • Apply heat protectant when styling with blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons 
  • Remember to moisturise your hair and scalp
  • Remember less product is more (I definitely need to make this my mantra)
  • Use a satin scarf or bonnet to tie your hair up when going to bed, or use satin pillow cases
Here's my hair from late last week, after I had it washed and curled, been a long time since it had full pampering

I want long, strong hair like those shampoo/conditioner commercials, who's with me?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Positive Thinking... What we should do more often

Usually I don't do post just rehashing stuff from other blogs, but this morning while one Piniterest, I discovered the Livin' to Inspire tumblr and it made me feel a ton better than I was feeling for this week. It's been a lot of stress lately (school, home life etc) and some days it feels almost impossible to get by without screaming or punching something. I try to remember these and remember to look on the bright side as I've been quite a pessimist lately. I hope you find a quote to carry with you as well! The one at the bottom is one of my favourites!


I absolutely love these two! 
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