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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Aspiration Diaries #7

Typically I would have posted my weekly update by now, and this week I was a bit late to getting to it. Fortunately, I can say that I have accomplished a number of things from last week's list. I'm a bit busy with studying, so this will be a really quick post.

Finally I remembered to post more than 3 times on my Instagram and  I had some time to chill with my friends for the week, granted that a few plans that I had made had fallen through. I have started my studying for finals, although I have a test and presentation next week which I am also working on before I go into full exam mode. I'm not sure I'll be painting my nails this week as I'm not feeling quite up to it. I feel more like sleeping a bit longer.
I've been burning the midnight oil on my research project and what I have written so far is finally coming together. Now to finish up with the results so that it flows nicely and reinforces my thesis.

I really apologise for missing out Wednesday's blog post, I had no idea what I was going to post, but I have quite a bargain for you on Monday. I don't want to post it today and overwhelm with a number of posts in one day. Hint is it's on skincare. You know I love me a good bargain!

Moving onto next week, I want to:
  1. Complete my introduction, references and experimental on the project.
  2. Find time to play with make up.
  3. Eat more regularly. (I've been quite bad about this and have been eating at the weirdest of times)
  4. Study for finals.
  5. Post to Instagram more than 4 times.
One more thing, I saw this website on Pinterest this morning and I found some nicely put quotes. One quote said,

I just love that, so I'm going to tell you have a great weekend, hear you all in a later post!

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