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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Aspiration Diaries #9

Hey all! Yes this post is like a day late, but I took Saturday for a bit of relaxation and studying.
Today I have finally completed my research project. It feels so good to be finished and finally a bit more free! The only thing preventing me from becoming a couch potato now is exams within the next 2 weeks.

I am also proud to say that I completed a number of my goals from last week. Some not to the effect that I may have wanted, and a few bumps here or there, but that's something to work on this week. I have studied a bit for finals, I think I made some good progress considering when I started (this huge project being due and all). This week I will be going hard on studying, especially since I finally can hand in my completed project.

I did remember to carry my water bottle most days I was at school, but sadly I was so busy I sometimes forgot to drink the water haha. At least as I worked at the PC I kept a glass of water close by. It's always a good idea to keep hydrated. Especially when you're working hard on something. Of course, you have to eat and have a snack in there too.

This week I baked some KFC style biscuits. My first time and they were so good straight out t=of the oven, my family loved them! For the next try, I think I'll add a bit more butter so they stay moist and they got a bit dry after I stored them. But not like anyone mind, because they did not last past 2 days  haha!

I am happy to say that I also spent less time playing Word Ruzzle and when I did play this week I sucked. So I guess that was a sign that I should take a break from it and focus on my work haha. But you wait until exams are over, I'll be unbeatable!

Onto my goals for next week:
  • Study for finals and remember to take breaks
  • Find a bit of time to try out some make up looks
Anyway here are a few quick snaps from my week, I honestly have the worst lighting for self shots,  but ah well. Hope you all had a productive week!

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