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Monday, April 8, 2013

Hair and Stress | Beauty

Lately I've been too busy to do a lot of things, and though I shouldn't make it an excuse it's a BIG reason as to why I haven't done so many things that I've started. For example, my hair regimen. At the beginning of the college semester, I tried to keep up with my habit of cowashing weekly and deep conditioning every 2 weeks and washing with shampoo at least 2 twice a month.

After about week 6, shampooing went out the door as did deep conditioning every 2 weeks. I'd be lucky if I remembered conditioner at all! Funny enough I had acquired a number of samples and bought those one-use conditioners just to see how my hair would react to them, but then I lost track of time and haven't been very good to my hair. The plight of a busy student I say.

When I went to the hairdresser this week and she saw just what I had been up to with my hair (cowashing and wearing wash-and-go styles way too often), she told me I needed to put a stop to this nonsense or my hair will suffer. How many of you out there are way too stressed and/or too busy to even take care of your own hair?

I know I am especially with so much going on lately. But we can't just throw in the towel on our hair. I've always wanted long luscious locks of hair and seeing the damage I've done to mine by not putting in the effort to shampoo at least twice monthly, deep condition often AND not wear it in a ponytail everyday in order to be out the door as quickly as possible, I feel quite ashamed.

So for anyone else out there who is feeling the same way as me, tired of breakage, dryness and  lifeless hair, let's take a pledge to take at least 2 hours a week to at least tend to our hair.

  • Deep condition with a moisturising or protein conditioner (especially good for relaxed hair)
  • Cowash weekly or more often if necessary
  • Shampoo often but not excessively (remember cowashing will not clarify everything)
  • Try a different hair style (I need to step out of my ponytail-comfort zone)

And daily don't forget to :
  • Apply heat protectant when styling with blow dryers, curling irons or flat irons 
  • Remember to moisturise your hair and scalp
  • Remember less product is more (I definitely need to make this my mantra)
  • Use a satin scarf or bonnet to tie your hair up when going to bed, or use satin pillow cases
Here's my hair from late last week, after I had it washed and curled, been a long time since it had full pampering

I want long, strong hair like those shampoo/conditioner commercials, who's with me?

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