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Thursday, April 25, 2013

From Cocktails to Formal Dinners| Fashion

While they weather is warming up in the States and Europe, it's been warm here in Barbados for a while, but we too are finally heading into wedding and graduation season. I was looking through my emails and saw this post about Chi Chi clothing store and boy am I glad I did! They have beautiful formal dresses!

Loving these dresses from Chi Chi

These dresses aren't too gaudy and at the same time don't look too casual either. They beautiful enough for going out to the club, a quick drink or even to dinner. I love that they have a really nice selection of evening gowns too. I'm surprised at the pricing too, especially the sale gowns. Sadly buying from the UK is a bit pricey considering the conversion rate from BDS to GBP, but had I the money to spare I would.

Chi Chi along with etailPR are having a contest right now where a £200 gift card for the store is up for grabs. I know if I were to win these would be the dresses I'd pick! the two larger pictures (along the flanks) are my absolute favourites, but I'll get to those shortly.

The 3 dresses on the top row seem perfect in both comfort and style for a night out. Be it a dinner with friends, clubbing or even a special date. I'm a big fan of the details each of them have. Lace, sequins and peplum, even that cut out halter is to die for!

The next row with the longer dresses seem suitable for a weddings (as a guest), a formal dinner, graduation or prom. We don't have prom here in Barbados though, but we do have pageant and I could definitely see persons wearing similar styles to this. The sheer fabric is perfect for here in the tropics and it's still very detailed. At my secondary school graduation, I had a very similar gown to the pink and purple one on the right and I was in love with it!

Finally we have my 2 absolute favourites. On the left, is a gorgeous ivory dip hem dress which I think would be lovely for graduation, while on the right is a cocktail dress with beautiful lace detailed bodice and pleather skirt. I'm just in love with these two. So very chic.

Anyway, check out the Chi Chi website and tell me your favourite in the dresses in the comments. I love that the prices aren't too outrageous. you can definitely get about 4 dresses or more for £200!

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