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Monday, May 27, 2013

Maybelline DreamFresh BB Cream Review | Beauty

Hey all! Today I have a product to show you which has quickly become one of my favourites. This is the Maybelline DreamFresh BB cream which I retails for $17.95BDS at Collins Pharmacy. Although it's marketed as a BB cream, I don't really think of it as that because it doesn't than many special properties such as anti-ageing or skin whitening, not that I would need those anyway.

 What Maybelline says it does:
1. Blurs imperfections
2. Brightens
3. Evens skin-tone
4. Smoothes
5. Hydrates
6. Enhances
7. Protects with SPF 30
8. 0% oils and harsh ingredients

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flight-ready outfit | Fashion

Since I'm going to be flying out this week, I thought that it would be very appropriate to make a fashion set on an outfit that would be very comfortable and easy-going for the airport, but not too shabby. I have seen people in hang-low sweat pants and socks with slippers at the airport, and it's not cute...

Flight ready outfit

Travelling can be a real hassle, especially with all the security checks. You want to be comfortable, not "take off your shoes, remove your belt" and depending on where you're going not too hot or cold. I've put together this outfit which includes a choice of sweaters and scarves to add to the outfit in case it gets a bit chilly. While the shirt is easy and breezy in case it is a bit humid out.
Sandals and jeggings are easy to wear without too much hassle going through security, and of course you need to have some cute sunnies and a hold everything (securely) bag.

What do you think of the outfit? Are you one of those people who dress up to go to the airport, or are you very chill? For me, I am in love with the outfit above and why not dress up a bit for the airport? Never know who you'll bump into...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Clearasil PerfectaWash Review| Skin Care

I mentioned this product in my April favourites earlier this month and I think it's a very convenient product. I picked up the Clearasil PerfectaWash on special at Cherish Cosmetique in April, and I love it. It was $15.99 and came with 2 of he cleanser solutions, 1 automatic pump and 3 AA batteries.

So far, I haven't seen my skin act up any more than it usually does, just the occasional black or whiteheads, which they formula of cleanser doesn't claim to remove. The solutions contain 2% salicylic acid to prevent acne break outs. For me, that's fine, but for other people salicylic acid isn't strong enough.

The pump is automatic and it works quite well. It's really easy, just place you hand under the nozzle and it dispenses product. A good amount of product is dispensed, however for me since my face is smaller, I could use less. Surprisingly, although I use this almost twice every day I am only half way through 1 bottle. I would say that this cleanser last around 3 months, maybe more.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Aspiration Diaries #12 & FOTD

Hey all! I'm back again to posting on Saturdays, yay! This week went well, outside of a small incdent that occurred late Saturday. But less on the negative, more on the positive side. My NYC trip is in just a few more days and my summer has officially started! I am starting to feel more restless/excited since I've been washing and preparing photos for blog posts next week.

This week, I had my research project presentation and it went surprisingly well. A lot better than I thought. The final marks will tell just how great though. Aside from that work is a bit boring haha, but I'm glad to have a job :).

Simple FOTD from this week. I love how my hair came out, I used flexi rods.
I have been busy trying to think up some posts and remembered a couple things I was to post about earlier, so look out for some reviews of skin care and make up items! You may be seeing an OOTD sometime next week as well.

Finally I'm making some prep for packing. But that's something I love to do so It shouldn't be too much stress.

This week I hardly have any goals, just one simple task...

Have fun!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel free to tell me about your week in the comments! I have to head off to meet up with some friends for the evening. Yup, it's SUMMER!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lush Purple and Golds for Spring Make up look | Beauty

Here's another look that I had recreated from MayaMia on Instagram. I'm a huge lover of purple so I had to do this one. sadly the lighting started to get really really bad, so the photos are taken with flash. I hope you don't mind. She had more purple lips in the picture, so I tried to add a bit of a frosty purple lipstick I owned. I doubt you can it though.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sensationnel Premium Too Mixx Multi Curl XL Venetian Wave First impressions | Review

I have always wanted to try a weave or extensions and as I finally knew someone who was able to install it, I decided to bite the bullet and try it. I was actually going to get braids first, but considering I was told that it could take about 8 hours, I just could not do it. Having this installed (sewn-in) took around 6 hours and I was barely able to sit through it haha.

 I picked up the Sensationnel Mixx Multi Curl Extra Long style in Venetian Wave, in colour #4 which is spot on for my hair colour. I was going to try the Egyptian wave as it was a bit more curly and perhaps fun, but decided on this one for more versatility. The box has in 4 bundles of hair, 20", 18", 16" and 12", as well as an "expensive lace parting closure" as they put it. The price was about $65BDS and this is a mix of human hair and their premium synthetic blend. This hair reaches just below bra strap length, between my waist and back, however take note that it depends on how long your torso is.

When I first opened the box and started to unravel one bundle, I thought wow, this is a lot of hair. But the wefts are so thin, it's really not as amazing as you'd think. The packaging suggests that one pack could do a whole head (full coverage) and I guess that's relative to the size of your head and the look you're going for. I didn't want the drag queen look, as my head is small but this barely make enough to cover my entire head without being too thin in some areas. Even I was shocked. The wefts could be a bit thicker, but I guess that's what you get for the budget box.

Another thing about this, it shred like crazy when we first started to install and comb though. I thought it'd never stop!  However, after a day or so, it got better, definitely less shredding. I comb/brush it every night and morning just to ensure I don't get any tangles and so far so good. I have also tried to add a tiny bit of moisturiser to the ends of the hair because sometimes it can feel a bit dry and will become a bit harder to comb through. Luckily it wasn't messed up the hair and did help with glooming. I usually use a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush when I groom this hair.

Something which it doesn't mention on the box, but even the fully synthetic and the Premium Too and Premium Now hair states, is that you can use heat on it. Of course, mild heat but I would have appreciated if the box had said so I would know. I thought it did. Either way I asked my hairdresser and she was able to help me. I tried to flat iron a bit of the front pieces on a very low setting , as well as curl it on another occasion. I like that the hair did not burn, and held up to the flat ironing. The curling not so much of the curl held. Could also be my technique and how long I held it for though, because I was very cautious about the hair burning.

At first this hair is very curly, though on the box it shows a slight flounce or wave, whatever you want to call it, but after a few days it started to fall more nicely around me face. My hair dresser also did a nice job of cutting a few layers into the piece to help with the framing. When I'm at home I would typically wear it in a bun, that might have aided in loosening the wave a bit. I like it much better this way though. Also the ends of this hair can be a bit scratchy even through clothes, I have no idea why.

So far, I'm impressed with this hair. It is definitely no Remy or Virgin hair quality, but it's standing up well to how hard I am on it. The wefts are thin, so it also makes it light-weight and more comfortable to wear.My only other problems are that I am new to weaves and now have to figure out how to take care of the hair under the sew-in as well as scratch my scalp lol. That is a real pain haha!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed reading my first impressions of the Sensationnel Venetian Wave weave. I should hopefully make another update later and after it is removed as well. If you have any experience with really affordable weaves, please list them below, I'd love to try different ones at some point.

Disclaimer: This product was bought with my own money.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Aspiration Diaries #11 & Happy Mother's Day!

Hey all, last week was a lot more tiring than I anticipated, but alas, here we are another Aspiration Diaries.
Before I begin, I should say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mom's out there! Remember that your children love and need you, even though sometimes they do not always seem so. Respect your children and they will also respect you. Even if you don't have children, there's someone somewhere who looks up to you with the respect of a mother.  My mother is very strict and sometimes unreasonable, but even though I am rude to her sometimes, I still love her.

I didn't post an AD after the recap which I apologise for, I was unwinding with some mindless internet surfing after my exams were finished. Last week, I started work. I'm so grateful to have sometime for this bit of summer, hopefully I can find another job before summer's over. I have a lot of things planned ahead for this year.
This week, I tried to work on my power point presentation, but ended up sleeping after work haha. This week I should have completed the power point and practised in time for the presentation Thursday. I actually think I may be ready.

Friday, I made some gooseberry syrup, first time for me, and I liked how it came out, of course it didn't last very long in my house as we love sweet things, But I can't wait to make more! I also made the KFC biscuits again and every one ended up pigging out haha!

Other than those few things,my week was quite uneventful. I do have some good news though, I will be taking a trip to New York in about 1 week! OMG yes so soon but, I didn't want to say anything until I was certain. I hope to take lots of photos of the sites,sounds and of course the eats. I could probably do an FOTD post for the days I make up, or perhaps an OOTD, maybe I'll come up with some really nice outfits there. You can follow me on Instagram (button above right that looks like a camera) to see more. I post at least once weekly lol, but I'm sure more than that for that week. I can't wait! Of course, there should still be updates on my blog, so don't forget to follow if you haven't already.

Anyway, my goals for this week:

  • Complete my presentation and practise it
  • Schedule a few blog posts for during trip
  • Pack before the day of trip haha.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April Favourites | Beauty

Hey all! It's the end of another month and although I don't do these very often, I thought, why not? I have some great products to show you all!

First off, my new favourite cleanser from Clearasil which I mentioned some weeks ago that I got on a deal from a local supermarket. I removes mascara and my face products with very little work and I love the scent! It's perfect for daily cleansing as it's not overly drying and it cleans well. I do have to use a moisturiser after using this product however as my skin feels a bit tight.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Maybelline ColorSensational High Shine gloss- Raspberry Reflections | Swatches & Review

Recently, my aunt got me this Maybelline gloss, which I previewed here in my DLG lipstick comparisons post, and I must say I am in love with it. I'm so glad she got me it. I had no idea that this gloss would apply so beautifully or last so well on the lips!

The colour is called Raspberry Reflections and is a late 2012 release from the Maybelline Color Sensational line. In the tube it looks like it would be a milky cool toned pink, bordering fuchsia. I did not notice any shimmer, so I'll describe it as a crème formula. On the lips, it doesn't come off as milky as it looks in the tube, which you will see in the swatches.

I love how this gloss applied. Colour from start to finish and a little goes a long way, and the applicator (slanted doe-foot) is great for this product, it really allows for precision yet speedy application. Of course the overall colour will be affected by the natural colour of your lips. As it looks slightly different on Jessica from Beautezine.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sensible Shopping without Sacrificing style | Guest Post

Hey all, today I have guest post from the lovely Morgan from Gray Gabbana ! She's going to be talking about have style without sacrificing all of your hard-earned cash. Something we could all do with, because keeping on trend and stylish can be quite a hard balancing act with restricted funds.

  For many women, shopping is not merely a way to procure the basic necessities of life: shopping is primal instinct, individualistic expression, and economic survival. But we do not have to accrue massive debt to fulfill our hunter-gather instincts or to leave a lasting impression at our next job interview. Smart shopping strategies and tips can keep your closet and medicine cabinet fresh and full of options without emptying your wallet.

Incorporate a few of these strategies into your shopping routine and save yourself hundreds of dollars each year without sacrificing your unique sense of style:

Little Lifestyle Adjustments

If you look to the glossy pages of fashion magazines for inspiration or a glimpse of glamor, consider buying an annual subscription or two to your favorites. The retail price of each magazine is between $3 and $5, but deep discounts for these same periodicals can be found online (Check out Thriftymags.com and Discountmags.com.) for as low as $7 per year.
Shop your own closet. I know that you have heard or read this advice before, but before you tune me out, consider what treasures may be hiding in plain sight! Most of us have trouble envisioning the possibilities of our wardrobe, but an iPhone app called Stylebook gives us a new, fresh perspective. Take photos of your clothing, shoes, and accessories, categorize them, and then mash them up to create innovative looks.

Save a Few Beauty Bucks

Free is a magical word, especially for diehard shoppers, and many companies’ reward customers, both new and loyal. Sephora sends a free birthday gift to members of their Beauty Insider program. Sign up for the program is also free, and you can claim your gift up to two weeks before or two weeks after your special day.

With that in mind, we should also avoid the other extreme: overpriced products. For example, mascara is essentially the same, no matter the price. Why spend $50 on a bottle of Sephora mascara when a bottle of classic Maybelline Great Lash on sale for $6 or less at the local drug store works just as well? Both bottles also need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, another reason to avoid the extra expense of high-priced, high-end beauty products.

Fastidious Fashion Funds

Basic t-shirts, tanks, and camis are a fashion staple no matter the season or the trend, but at $25 or more each at the mall, they can quickly break the bank. You do not need to give up on quality to save on these basics, simply make a small detour to your local Target on your next shopping spree. Here quality basics are often less than half of the price of similar pieces at trendy shops and boutiques.

When shopping for accessories, designer fashions easily cost hundreds of dollars each. Eyewear and sunglasses this spring can easily run over $300! Yikes! However, companies like Warby Parker offer stylish frames for a fraction of that price. They are also socially consciousness—for every pair sold a pair is given to an individual in need!

No matter how you decide to cut your shopping budget, spending less does not mean you have to sacrifice quality and your own sense of style.

I hope you all enjoyed this post by Morgan. If you have any tips and tricks to cutting costs when shopping, please leave them in the comments. I'm sure we'd all benefit from them!
Until next post, have a great weekend!

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