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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April Favourites | Beauty

Hey all! It's the end of another month and although I don't do these very often, I thought, why not? I have some great products to show you all!

First off, my new favourite cleanser from Clearasil which I mentioned some weeks ago that I got on a deal from a local supermarket. I removes mascara and my face products with very little work and I love the scent! It's perfect for daily cleansing as it's not overly drying and it cleans well. I do have to use a moisturiser after using this product however as my skin feels a bit tight.

Next up are my face products. I have been loving the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream (in Medium/Deep). It's a very nice light weight product which moisturises, protects from sun exposure (since there's some SPF in it) and it provides sheer coverage. For me, the latter is a great thing because I have some scarring from acne and blackheads and it just gives some coverage so my skin does not look as raw, while being subtle enough that people don't ask me if I'm wearing foundation. This has happened before, and trust me, it feels weird even though I'm in college. I'll be doing a review on this late with much deeper thoughts one it.

On the days where I don't use BB cream, I have been trying to protect my skin by using the Neutrogena Dry Touch Suncreen (SPF45). I had promised myself to get more into wearing a sunblock on my face and body. I find that the formula is not greasy and absorbs fast. It smells like your typical sunscreen though, hence my boyfriend calls me beach face lol.

Next up is NYC Sunny Bronzer, which goes perfectly with the BB cream, because it can really take the colour out of your face. So I just do some light sculting, add a bit a blush and I'm ready to be out of the door. On my skin alone, this bronzer does not show up as prominently, but you can definitely see the difference when I apply BB cream first. (Not the darkest of bronzers for caramel or darker skintones, but it works for me to look natural).  

I have also been loving my CoverGirl LashBlast Volume mascara (regular formula), it's light-weight and doesn't make my lashes feel stiff or brittle. The only peeve I have about it is how wet it is and hence it get all over my lid when I apply it, no matter how far I tilt my head back. I may need to try the business card tip to fix this. But this mascara gives great volume and length without clumping your lashes together.

The e.l.f. Essentials blush in Glow has been another thing that I grab for almost daily. But not to be used as actually blush. This is a peach blush with a gorgeous gold sheen. It's better as a highlighter for my skin tone, but I actually use it as a eye shadow. I do a quick wash on my lid and it brightens up my eye area.

For my hair, I have been liking the African Pride Olive Oil Miracle Leave-in Conditioner. I had a sample of this from the Girlfriends Expo and loved the smell and texture so much that I bought it full-sized! I'm still loving it. It's great at moisturising and it feels like it refreshes my hair even on a really bad morning. It's feels rather greasy though so I have to use a small amount of this product or my hair would be weighed down.

Finally, or should I say, as usual coconut oil is on my list of favourites haha. I can't help myself but this product is just so multipurpose. Some nights I used it as a hair/scalp treatment, I also use it when I'm just at home as a face moisturiser and I have yet to use it again in my Shea butter mixture. I will make a post or video with me making it, since it's really easy and saves you a lot of money on moisturisers.

I hope you all enjoyed my favourites, and hopefully you have a few favourites of your own to share with me. I'll hear you all next post!

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