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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Aspiration Diaries #12 & FOTD

Hey all! I'm back again to posting on Saturdays, yay! This week went well, outside of a small incdent that occurred late Saturday. But less on the negative, more on the positive side. My NYC trip is in just a few more days and my summer has officially started! I am starting to feel more restless/excited since I've been washing and preparing photos for blog posts next week.

This week, I had my research project presentation and it went surprisingly well. A lot better than I thought. The final marks will tell just how great though. Aside from that work is a bit boring haha, but I'm glad to have a job :).

Simple FOTD from this week. I love how my hair came out, I used flexi rods.
I have been busy trying to think up some posts and remembered a couple things I was to post about earlier, so look out for some reviews of skin care and make up items! You may be seeing an OOTD sometime next week as well.

Finally I'm making some prep for packing. But that's something I love to do so It shouldn't be too much stress.

This week I hardly have any goals, just one simple task...

Have fun!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel free to tell me about your week in the comments! I have to head off to meet up with some friends for the evening. Yup, it's SUMMER!

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