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Monday, May 27, 2013

Maybelline DreamFresh BB Cream Review | Beauty

Hey all! Today I have a product to show you which has quickly become one of my favourites. This is the Maybelline DreamFresh BB cream which I retails for $17.95BDS at Collins Pharmacy. Although it's marketed as a BB cream, I don't really think of it as that because it doesn't than many special properties such as anti-ageing or skin whitening, not that I would need those anyway.

 What Maybelline says it does:
1. Blurs imperfections
2. Brightens
3. Evens skin-tone
4. Smoothes
5. Hydrates
6. Enhances
7. Protects with SPF 30
8. 0% oils and harsh ingredients

Here's my before picture.. I need some coffee lol (with flash)
This BB cream claims to have 8 properties in 1, though many of them are a matter of synonyms for the one word. I use this product daily to replace my moisturiser and sunscreen as it has SPF 30. It comes in a white squeeze tube and is 1 fl oz. I realised that it doesn't clog my pores further, nor break me out. It has a dewy finish which easily is blotted to a matte finish with tissue. I didn't notice a scent especially after I had applied it.
(from Favourites post)
It comes off a bit light at first, but as it settles about 10 minutes or so, it looks just like your skintone. It feels like you are applying a face cream and I apply it with my fingers. I find that using one coat is enough for me, as wearing two requires setting with powder, though on some days I do set it with translucent powder. It is light coverage as you will see with the swatches, so for persons with  more acne or scarring, I don't think it would be suitable, you would also need a concealer. It's also very light weight. I hate the cakey feeling I can get wearing foundation and powder.

One coat of BB cream without powder. notice the dewy  finish.

This product lasts I would say 4 hours, but would have to touch up, blot and such afterwards. I'm one of those persons who touches their face quite a lot, and my skin in normal so I don't get very oily. However if you apply powder, it may increase the longevity, before you have to begin blotting.

Two coats of BB cream and translucent powder applied to T-zone.

It's moisturising and doesn't emphasize my dry patches when I have had a pimple, which is great. Foundation can be annoying for that reason. For darker skin tones, the colour selection isn't fabulous. I have the Medium/Deep shade and after that is the darkest shade, Deep which looked like it would be too dark for me. I think this shade has a yellow to neutral undertone, which covers a bit of redness. However this will not cover any marks.

The Verdict:
  • Affordable
  • Light coverage
  • Light-weight
  • Multi-purpose
  • 0% oils
  • Will not cover acne or scars
  • Shade range
  • Takes a while to settle into skin (oxidise to skin tone)
  • SPF could be problematic to flash photography
  • Availability in Barbados
After I applied some bronzer, mascara and fixed my eyebrows.

The Raw Sugar:
I like the look that this BB cream gives although it isn't an authentic Blemish Balm, it works for exactly what I need. As I add on layers it starts to feel heavier and requires powder to set it, but otherwise it's very light-weight and gives the skin a nice even tone. It's also a light coverage so a few of your imperfections shine through and it doesn't look like a mask.

Where you can find it:  Collins Pharmacy (Barbados), Drugstores (USA)

Disclaimer: This product was given to me as a gift, opinions are my own.


  1. Loved the review and it looked really good on your skin too , however I was wondering which shade was it that you used? Was it Medium/Deep or Deep?


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