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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sensible Shopping without Sacrificing style | Guest Post

Hey all, today I have guest post from the lovely Morgan from Gray Gabbana ! She's going to be talking about have style without sacrificing all of your hard-earned cash. Something we could all do with, because keeping on trend and stylish can be quite a hard balancing act with restricted funds.

  For many women, shopping is not merely a way to procure the basic necessities of life: shopping is primal instinct, individualistic expression, and economic survival. But we do not have to accrue massive debt to fulfill our hunter-gather instincts or to leave a lasting impression at our next job interview. Smart shopping strategies and tips can keep your closet and medicine cabinet fresh and full of options without emptying your wallet.

Incorporate a few of these strategies into your shopping routine and save yourself hundreds of dollars each year without sacrificing your unique sense of style:

Little Lifestyle Adjustments

If you look to the glossy pages of fashion magazines for inspiration or a glimpse of glamor, consider buying an annual subscription or two to your favorites. The retail price of each magazine is between $3 and $5, but deep discounts for these same periodicals can be found online (Check out Thriftymags.com and Discountmags.com.) for as low as $7 per year.
Shop your own closet. I know that you have heard or read this advice before, but before you tune me out, consider what treasures may be hiding in plain sight! Most of us have trouble envisioning the possibilities of our wardrobe, but an iPhone app called Stylebook gives us a new, fresh perspective. Take photos of your clothing, shoes, and accessories, categorize them, and then mash them up to create innovative looks.

Save a Few Beauty Bucks

Free is a magical word, especially for diehard shoppers, and many companies’ reward customers, both new and loyal. Sephora sends a free birthday gift to members of their Beauty Insider program. Sign up for the program is also free, and you can claim your gift up to two weeks before or two weeks after your special day.

With that in mind, we should also avoid the other extreme: overpriced products. For example, mascara is essentially the same, no matter the price. Why spend $50 on a bottle of Sephora mascara when a bottle of classic Maybelline Great Lash on sale for $6 or less at the local drug store works just as well? Both bottles also need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, another reason to avoid the extra expense of high-priced, high-end beauty products.

Fastidious Fashion Funds

Basic t-shirts, tanks, and camis are a fashion staple no matter the season or the trend, but at $25 or more each at the mall, they can quickly break the bank. You do not need to give up on quality to save on these basics, simply make a small detour to your local Target on your next shopping spree. Here quality basics are often less than half of the price of similar pieces at trendy shops and boutiques.

When shopping for accessories, designer fashions easily cost hundreds of dollars each. Eyewear and sunglasses this spring can easily run over $300! Yikes! However, companies like Warby Parker offer stylish frames for a fraction of that price. They are also socially consciousness—for every pair sold a pair is given to an individual in need!

No matter how you decide to cut your shopping budget, spending less does not mean you have to sacrifice quality and your own sense of style.

I hope you all enjoyed this post by Morgan. If you have any tips and tricks to cutting costs when shopping, please leave them in the comments. I'm sure we'd all benefit from them!
Until next post, have a great weekend!

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