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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Aspiration Diaries #15

Hey all! This week was about some blogging goals, I wanted to create a pictorial, post a June favourites and be more creative with my make up. Two of 3 isn't too bad right? I sadly wasn't able to do more creative make up as I've been home for most of the week and wearing a smokey eye to the beach was quite out of the question. Also last week I reached 250 posts! Who could believe it? So much blabber since the start of this blog haha.

Monday, I posted my June Favourites, which included my Maybelline BB cream that has become a staple in my make up collection. I almost never leave home without it. You can see my feelings about it here when I reviewed it, and check out my other favourites for this month here.

Wednesday, I posted my wearable Golden Eye tutorial. The only thing I would change about it, would be using more pigmented (less chalky) crease colours. I thought doing a picture tutorial would be somewhat easier than a video, but without a great set up and no cameraman, it's quite a task. Anyway I'm really happy that I did make it, and I hope that you check it out.

This week, I'm kind of at a lost for goals, haha. But you should also be seeing some really fun and informative post on summer. So keep your eyes peels for them. AND leave all of your suggestions for next week in the comments! Thank you all!

Friday, June 28, 2013

What is Crop Over and the Opening Gala? | Festival Fridays

So if you don't live in Barbados, you may be wondering what's the "Crop Over" I keep talking about. Well, it's a month long festival celebrated in Barbados from about 1st July until 1st week of August. In the past, it was a celebration of the end of the harvesting of crops, hence the name "Crop Over". You can refer to my previous blog post (from 2011) for more details on how it came about and changed over the years, as well as the top events to look out for.

This week is the Opening Gala, signalling the official start of the Crop Over season. For the past 2 months, our airways (radio) have been pumping out both new and old calypso and soca music. Along with the number of  Summer fetes and cruises with crop over themes  to warm up the bajan crowd for what's to come, the "Crop Over fever" as they call it is imminent.

Here's what you can look forward to this weekend and next week!
Saturday, 29th June- Opening Gala & Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes at Queens Park
Thursday, 4th July- Crop Over Gospel Concert at the Lloyd Erskine Sandifor Centre
Friday, 5th July- Sweet Soca Monarch Semi Finals at the Party Stand
All next week- Various Calypso/Soca Tents will be open.

If you want to know more about Crop OVER, you can visit the OFFICIAL website.

OR, you could watch this video I made 2 years ago when we spotted Rihanna on a music truck, haha. (I'm like really nervous here, so be warned.)

Disclaimer: I am by no means affiliated with the NCF, I just like Crop Over and think it's great to share.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Golden Eye Makeup Tutorial | Beauty

Finally, I've made a picture-tutorial (Pictorial)! YAY! This is a lot harder than you'd imagine, I think making a video is easier, but I've really missed making make up tutorials and this is the closest thing I can get to it without my computer wanting to crash.

This look is quite simple and daytime appropriate, it's just bright enough to capture people's attention yet  would look great with glasses on. I typically put together this look if I feel like wearing eyeshadow during the day and I'm sure I've featured a FOTD if not an Instagram picture with this eyeshadow look or similar. I guess you could call this my go-to look.

Excuse the ashy-ness of the face in these pictures, because my BB cream contains SPF plus I powdered my face, it's terrible with flash, but where I bronzed looked normal. I promise this BB cream suits my skin tone and looks normal in daylight, haha. Honestly camera flash is so brutal on powder, how do you balance between looking too oily and looking ashy?

Enough blabber, Here's the tutorial! (products listed at the end)

Monday, June 24, 2013

June Beauty Favourites | Beauty

Hey all, Happy 250 Posts!  It's almost the end of June and I have been trying out a few new products this month, so why not post about my favourites. For May, I was travelling and my favourites were almost all the same as for April, so I didn't post about them. Tons of reviews coming on these products, I must say e.l.f. is always able to impress me with something.

Anyway first up is my Maybelline BB cream, a repeat favourite, though from the new picture tutorial coming up, I feel as if it's not matching my skin as well as before. Still it's great for moisture and does brighten up your skin so you somewhat put together when you head out. I recently bought some e.l.f. face products and I must say I'm impressed by the All Over Colour Stick and the new shade of the Contouring Blush and Bronzer. Pictured is the All Over colour Stick in Pink Lemonade, and the Contouring kit in Turks & Caicos.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aspiration diaries #14

This week was quite a breeze, I'm quite happy about how it went. I chilled out with some friends at home and made plans with other for the upcoming weeks so the summer doesn't go by quietly. I ended up cooking quite a lot too, but as my tablet isn't back with me as yet, no Instagram pictures sadly.

So in the last AD post, I said I wanted to try out a make up look. Which I did twice this week! It may just end up appearing here as a face of the day post as I wasn't anything too fancy. I played around with some new e.l.f. products which I bought (a blog post will be coming on those soon). I am loving the all over colour sticks and the contouring blusher and bronzer compact. Finally I have a bronzer dark enough for me!

I also said I wanted to post this week on time. Ok so.... that wasn't the most successful, because no sooner had I  walked away from the computer to get dressed for a get together, the current went off. Stopping me from finishing a few scheduled posts haha. I guess that was a bit of a troll. Nonetheless, I still got the posts up and even an new segment for Fridays called Festival Fridays where I'll give you some insight into Barbados' Crop Over festival and the major events happening for the week. I hope you enjoy this new series as I really wanted to share more of Barbados' culture with my international readers and keep us locals up to date with the events.

Finally this week, I want to:

  • Get creative with my make up
  • Post a June Favourites
  • Post a Picture tutorial this Wednesday
Hope you check back to see if I meet this week's goals! AND I'd love if you leave some suggestions for me, it'd be great to hear what you'd want to see on this blog as well. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of Summer...New Friday Series! | Festival Fridays

Today is 21st of June, the Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere, also the official start of Summer 2013! Check out Wednesday's Summer Swimsuits Guide for more summer fun! Yay to summer! (edit: my apologies, I miss counted my posts and thought I had 250, when it's really 248 published posts, but just a few more days to 250!)

Not my own image
If you've been following along this blog for some time, you would be aware that around this time every year, Barbados celebrates Crop Over, our prime festival for the year. I would typically post some features on Crop Over during the festival, but this year I want to tell you a lot more about Barbados' biggest festival! Enter Festival Fridays, a new section of posts I will hopefully be doing every Friday about the major Crop Over Events coming up that week/weekend and some information on Crop Over.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer Swimsuit Guide 2013 | Fashion

I was reading the June issue of InStyle Magazine a bit earlier this month and I loved the piece they did on Swimwear trends for 2013. This inspired to do a swimwear guide of my own.

Floral prints never seem to go out of style for swimwear, and this year's no exception. Besides your typical granny florals (small floral prints), larger flowers and even leaves are making a splash this year! I am loving the one-piece swimsuit on the left corner which sports a bright leafy print. 

Swimear trends 2013

Cut-outs are also making a statement this year with whole pieces and even bikini bottoms are showcasing risqué slits. Something about cut-outs feels more bold and sexier than just a bikini.  I am not so daring when it comes to baring so much skin, so the black high waisted cut-out bottom in the top right would suit me fine.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Minty Green liner FOTD | Beauty

Hey all! I did this make up look one of the days we were staying in New York. I think we were going to the Mall or something. It looked a bit sunny out that day, luckily not as gloomy as others but it was sooo windy and cold. How deceptive can New York weather be?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Aspiration Diaries #13 & Happy Father's Day!

Hey all, busy but fun weekend. I'm quite happy that it was too, means that it's SUMMER! I'd also like to take this time to wish all the dads and father-figures, a very Happy and enjoyable Father's Day! It's never hyped up as much as Mother's day, but it does take two to make a child. I love my Daddy, he's here for me for just about everything. Encouraging me when I need it and trying to steer my away from what he thinks isn't the best. I don't care if I'm 21 or 65, I'll always be my Daddy's sweet girl.

Usually I post Aspiration Diaries on Saturdays, but as of late you'd have realised that they were turning into a Sunday thing. My apologies really as there are always so much happening on Saturdays, and I like to make these posts fresh for every weekend, much like bread haha.

I had a really good week and weekend, just yesterday (and part of this morning too hah) I went to a really good house-party with some of my closest friends and others to celebrate what would be the 3rd Anniversary of secondary school graduation. I had a ball!  Friday was a small get together after work that was very fun too. I'm very happy with how the week has turned out. From the previous AD post, I just had fun and I'm really glad for it too.

Now that it's vacation, these posts will be taking a turn towards more blog- and beauty-related goals. Like improving the standard of my blog, posting more often, experimenting with make up more, posting more looks (and hopefully tutorials as well).

For this week, I'm going to start small with just a few simple goals.
  • Create one make up look
  • Post all 3 blog posts on time this week.
Until next post guys...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New York Haulin' | Beauty

Hey guys, sorry this post wasn't up earlier today, had to do some errands before work this morning, threw off my schedule a bit. Anyway this is  a quick post on the beauty products I picked up while in New York. I got a few things for my girl friends as well, but I won't show them here and risk ruining the surprise haha.

On the first few days in Brooklyn, I explored some of the streets and came across a number of beauty stores and while perusing I decided to pick up some false lashes. These some from Kiss are quite a bargain. There are TWO sets in this box and it was just $2.99USD, way cheaper than home!
I picked up the medium length Classic flares, I can't wait to try them.

I also passed by a Walgreens, seriously every block seems to have a drugstore or 4. I got a few Maybelline  and L'Oreal items, they had some really good deals along with a few coupons that I had, I saved quite a bit on them :).

Monday, June 10, 2013

I call it Spring! OOTD | Fashion

Hey all, here's a couple snaps of an outfit that I wore one day while perusing the city. It was a bit warmer out, probably 24 C but still a bit chilled compared to here in Barbados. I was so happy that I could wear my shorts haha. These are some pretty old Off shore shorts and opaque black tights. I'm also wearing American Eagle blue bow ballet flats, these are so comfy! On top I'm wearing a black lace back tank top and I covered up with a bright chartreuse cardigan from JCP and wrapped this colourful leopard scarf around my neck.

I thought this was a pretty fun outfit considering the weather conditions. Later it got a bit warmer (yay! ) so I removed the scarf and tights and went bare-legged.  As for accesories, I'm wearing just one bracelet that my sister got me probably 2 years ago, and a pair of Cole Haan sunglasses I recently acquired. I love those! I'm also wearing small pave heart studs and have my hair in a fish tail braid. My mother actually took these pics for me, I think she got pretty handy with the camera considering her first shots with it haha, thanks mum :).

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Apologies & Trip Updates

Hey all! I really have to apologise for my lack of posts after I left for my trip. I had a few posts scheduled and was going to use my tablet to post on Saturdays and Wednesdays. However, the Thursday before the trip I ran into technical difficulties with my tablet (it stopped charging) and I had to lessen my usage of it. I sent it off to Samsung when we got to the US and I'm waiting to receive it since it's been fully repaired now. So sad because there was so much I wanted to blog about and just no way to do it. :(

Anyhow, I'm back in Barbados! Sadly with a cold/flu... seriously this trip was quite something huh? we had a fairly good time, shopped until my shoulders, legs, back just about everything ached. I got to meet up with Blackman one day and we explored Manhattan, I'll have a separate post on that coming up. I got a to pick up a few make up items, but nothing to shout about. I didn't get to find everything that I wanted, and I really was being frugal when I bought make up, just so I could buy more clothes haha. Typically I don't buy clothes here in Barbados because it's a lot of stores selling the same clothes and I like unique pieces that don't cost a fortune.
One of my new favourites!
You know people say New York is the city that never sleeps and it's so true! Coming back home on the subway at sometimes 10 and 11 p.m, it was packed! You would expect otherwise because when you get on a bus in Barbados around 9 p.m. and it's half empty. It was one of the most surprising things, along with fruit/vegetable stores never seeming to close. Our trip home was quite early (I'm talking about 5 a.m.) and around 3 a.m. these stores were still open! While some of the supermarkets and some drug-stores shut down the fast food restaurants were still booming with people. I remember on my first night, we were famished and decided to try the McDonald's. So many people were there waiting for food to come out. I was happy that the food was fresh though because there's nothing like stale or re-warmed fries, EW.

Times Square is quite interesting, I passed in the car the first night I was there and wondered if there was a concert going on or something, since so many people were on the street. But I learnt that it's always like that especially after passing through there two other times. At night, it's still bustling with people and even when it's rainy, people with fun bubble umbrellas or boring black ones like mine are hustling to and fro. It's really funny for me, because Bajans hardly like going anywhere when it's rainy, unless they're driving.

I really enjoyed seeing the huge billboards with the brand names, actors, models and just hilarious advertisements you're accustomed to on cable television or magazines. I think that was a beautiful thing. I'm a real sucker for ads haha.

Driving through the state of New York, some areas reminded me of home. My mother thought it was weird and didn't see the resemblance, but for me it was just in the smaller things that I saw home. I guess I was a bit homesick. People who visit the Big Apple usually are fascinated by the skyscrapers, and to me that was not half as beautiful as the older buildings, with Victorian details. I think skyscrapers look modern and innovative, but there's nothing like a century old intricately designed building.

Anywho, I have yapped enough about the trip I'll be doing other posts with less chatter and more pictures. I have a ton of reviews/hauls coming up as well and I also have a lot of video footage, which I may use to kick start my YouTube channel from the hiatus.
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