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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aspiration diaries #14

This week was quite a breeze, I'm quite happy about how it went. I chilled out with some friends at home and made plans with other for the upcoming weeks so the summer doesn't go by quietly. I ended up cooking quite a lot too, but as my tablet isn't back with me as yet, no Instagram pictures sadly.

So in the last AD post, I said I wanted to try out a make up look. Which I did twice this week! It may just end up appearing here as a face of the day post as I wasn't anything too fancy. I played around with some new e.l.f. products which I bought (a blog post will be coming on those soon). I am loving the all over colour sticks and the contouring blusher and bronzer compact. Finally I have a bronzer dark enough for me!

I also said I wanted to post this week on time. Ok so.... that wasn't the most successful, because no sooner had I  walked away from the computer to get dressed for a get together, the current went off. Stopping me from finishing a few scheduled posts haha. I guess that was a bit of a troll. Nonetheless, I still got the posts up and even an new segment for Fridays called Festival Fridays where I'll give you some insight into Barbados' Crop Over festival and the major events happening for the week. I hope you enjoy this new series as I really wanted to share more of Barbados' culture with my international readers and keep us locals up to date with the events.

Finally this week, I want to:

  • Get creative with my make up
  • Post a June Favourites
  • Post a Picture tutorial this Wednesday
Hope you check back to see if I meet this week's goals! AND I'd love if you leave some suggestions for me, it'd be great to hear what you'd want to see on this blog as well. 

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