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Friday, June 21, 2013

First Day of Summer...New Friday Series! | Festival Fridays

Today is 21st of June, the Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere, also the official start of Summer 2013! Check out Wednesday's Summer Swimsuits Guide for more summer fun! Yay to summer! (edit: my apologies, I miss counted my posts and thought I had 250, when it's really 248 published posts, but just a few more days to 250!)

Not my own image
If you've been following along this blog for some time, you would be aware that around this time every year, Barbados celebrates Crop Over, our prime festival for the year. I would typically post some features on Crop Over during the festival, but this year I want to tell you a lot more about Barbados' biggest festival! Enter Festival Fridays, a new section of posts I will hopefully be doing every Friday about the major Crop Over Events coming up that week/weekend and some information on Crop Over.

Already for this Crop over Season we have had a number of Calvacades (2, and 3) in May, as a warm up for the festival. This was then followed by a Heritage Walk and a Heritage Tour through Bridgetown earlier this month. Junior Monarch calypso tents as well as the Pic o de Crop Calypso tents are slated to open and be judged this upcoming week. The Junior Monarch tent had already opened earlier this week, and judging is to take place very soon for the big Calypso titles up for grabs. I'll explain those later as this post is bordering being long-winded.
Coming up this week!
21st- 23rd June- Opening night of a number of Pic o de Crop Calypso Tents
Sunday, 23rd June- Junior Calypso Monarch Tent at the Lester Vaughan School
Tuesday 25th June- Start of Judging for Pic o de Crop Calypso tents

I hope you enjoy this new series, it's not about make up, but our Crop Over festival is a beautiful event that should be shared with you!

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