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Monday, July 8, 2013

e.l.f. Beauty Haul! | Beauty

About a month back or so, e.l.f. had a promotion and I decided to finally pick up some products I had been lusting after for some time. I didn't get them sent straight here to Barbados, as it costs way too much with shipping PLUS duties (story of a bajan beauty girl). Anyway, I sent it to a friend of mine and when they came in it felt like it was Christmas as it was a guess to what I was getting, I had completely forgotten. I ordered online with my sister and we got quite a lot of stuff for just $50USD. Gotta love e.l.f prices!

Here's my haul, I got 2 new face brushes, because I literally have one powder brush and I have to use it for blush, bronzer and face powder. I got the e.l.f Studio Angled blush brush and the regular blush brush. I love the shape of them both, they seem like they'd work very well.

I also picked up some of their Essentials All Over Color Sticks, after wanting to try them for some time. I had seen some reviews on the colours and pigmentation, and as mentioned in my June Favourites, I'm head over heels for Pink Lemonade. It makes a fabulous blush/highlighter. I'll be doing a swatch post on the ones I picked up. Also for my face, I got the raved HD blush and the Contouring Blush and Bronzer kit. I can't remember if the colour I have in the contour kit is the original, but I am happy that it can work on my skin tone. The blush could be a bit deeper in tone, but it just means I'd have to layer it with another.

AsI want to be more on my brow game, I picked up the Studio Eyebrow kit in Medium, which Shaanxo always uses and raves about, it was $3USD so who could really complain right? I also got the Essentials clear mascara and brow gel duo. So far I really like how well it sets my brows.

Finally I picked up a handful of nail polish, because I hardly ever paint my nails and when I do it's the same old boring colours. Stepping out of my box, I got some pretty neutrals, lots of glitters and a gorgeous bright teal polish that I cant wait to paint my toes with!

What do you think of e.l.f. products? I find they can be pretty pricey here when the locals are retailing them, but sometimes the products are worth the buck.

Disclaimer: These products were bought with my own money.


  1. great review :) im now following you via bloglovin through the 'weekly wednesday blog hop' and id love it if you could check out my blog sometime? i also own a beauty blog

    rainbowsandbeauty.blogspot.com xx


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