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Monday, July 1, 2013

Staying Hydrated during Summer | Lifestyle

One thing about summer in the Caribbean that is very consistent, hot, humid days. Sometimes it feels like you could fry an egg on the side-walk! Of course, there are rain storms and Hurricanes too, but most days are sunny and the heat can dehydrate like no other. The best way to stay well hydrated is by chugging tons of water daily. Most people say 8 glasses, but I don't think that's a one size fits all thing, plus you do get water from various foods. Drinking water can be good for your skin, nails, hair and of course the rest of your body needs the fluids, as the body is about 60% water. Here are 6 easy ways to stay hydrated this summer.
  1. Carry a water bottle! Even if you don't own one, they can be pretty affordable and save you in the long run because you don't need to buy water on the go. Keeping a water bottle also allows you to keep track of your fluid intake. I love the Bobbles because they have a filter built right into them, but it's harder to find these here in Barbados and the usual size is too small for me. I like to tote a 32oz bottle and drink all day. After all the seawater and swimming, you will be needing it.
  2. Skip the soft drinks/Soda and Drink Flavoured water or Juice! Some people dislike the bland taste of water, and I did too before. But you can always flavour your water with somethign as simple as a lemon, orange slices, Crystal Light, Mio, Koolaid even, or just buy flavoured water, the Cranwater (cranberry flavoured water) which has become quite popular here. You can also choose you drink for fruit juice, but in doing any of these, I would suggest checking the sugar content because sugar is a culprit of dehydration. Drinking a very sugary juice could be just as bad as drinking a bottle of Coke. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Coke but it can be very dehydrating. 
  3. Eat more Fruit (and Vegetables)! Fruits like Watermelons are obviously higher in water content than most but there are tons of other things you can snack on. Apples are approximately 91% water, strawberries, cantaloupes, pineapples and plums are also good to keep you hydrated. Cranberries and grapefruits also have high water content, but neither are favourites of mine. You can also snack on cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados, but remember to do so in moderation as avocados, or pears as we call them here in Barbados can also raise your cholesterol levels. 
  4. Raid a Coconut tree for its fruit! Something we have year round here in Barbados are Coconuts! You can drink the juice of the coconut, called coconut water and it's very good for you. It contains electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and is about 95% water, plus it's really yummy! My dad brought home some just the other day. I aint gotta tell you that it was good! Overseas, coconut water is sold in tetra-paks or cans, but trust me, it's nothing straight out of the nut.
  5. Avoid too much Salty and Sugary processed food! I know it's hard, trust me I am in love with White Cheddar Lays and Vanilla Festival Biscuits, don't even get me started on gummy snacks. But sometimes it's better to moderate who you consumer these items in the hotter months because you'll find your body is calling out for water. From chapped lips to flaky dry skin, the effects are no where near pretty. I'm definitely not saying to stop all together, because what's a beach day without some snacks, but just be mindful and remember to hydrate before, during or afterwards.
  6. Avoid too much alcohol! Yes, Cocktails with the girls and drinking at Summer parties and fetes are fun, but it's amazing how fast you dehydrate after consuming this stuff. Before you know it you're drunk and there's a tiger in the bathtub.. ok not really but when you drink it's like the fluid in your blood just evaporates. Try not to drink too much and remember to rehydrate!
I hope these tips will help you to enjoy summer that much more. Staying hydrated keeps me more energised and not as sluggish even when the Sun is at it's hottest. 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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