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Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day and Easy Going Outfits |Back to School Style Collab!

Hey all! I've been working on this for a while and although it's not a huge moment, I'm still very proud and happy to be finally carrying this out.While browsing on the Lucky Contributor community, I found these gorgeous girls (each with great blogs showcasing their personal style) and I've very happy to have teamed up with them on this two-part Back to School Style Collaboration. So this week and next week, you can look forward posts on each of our blogs with outfits for School. This is big of a long post, but it's worth it! Be sure to leave us your comments about what you like to wear to school too.

As each of us are from varying academic levels and parts of the world, you'll see a good set of variation in our outfits.

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Mystery Writing blog (Lucy writes about a multitude of things, everything from fashion to film)

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Stickers & Skirts blog

Photos after the jump!

Mandy's 1st Day Outfit

Hi! This is my first day of school outfit :) I'm wearing a pleated school uniform skirt from land's end, my top is from Johnnie B., a target headband, and keds. My school doesn't have a dress code, but I love school uniform clothes because they're high quality and the only place I can find plain knee length skirts, and the pleats are so perfect on this skirt.

I like to wear sneakers because my school's campus is pretty big and I have to walk outside to get from class to class. They're also helpful for running to meet my friends who I haven't seen all summer :P.

The basic elements of this outfit make it easy to switch out something for a cool statement piece, like my sunflower diy flower crown. 

Jasmine's Easy Going Outfit


When I need an easy going day outfit its all about comfort. For fall time in New York I like a long sleeve that is still light because the weather can go be warm one minute and cool the next. Also for an easy day outfit I love flats. They pretty much go with anything and are easy to get around in. I like to still be fashionable and on budget and lulus.com has great variety of stuff for that.

Christina's 1st Day Outfit

As you might have known, I'm in my final year of university, about to start what should be my final semester *crosses fingers*, so my dress-code is more laid-back and easy. I don't like a lot of fuss for school, but I do love to be comfy and warm in class. I paired my Old Navy White tee with these RockStar jeans also from ON. I swear this wasn't sponsored, just a coincidence!

In Barbados, it's hot all year round, so it's almost always appropriate to wear shorts. But because it's the first day, I am wearing these red ankle-length pants because you never know what temperature your lecture theatres will be. I'm also wearing AirWalk pumps, they're so easy on your feet and perfect for long days! To accessorise my BCBG statement bracelets from Macys and my usual necklace from my grandmum.

Lucy's Easy Going Outfit

So, here's my chilled out university look. I think it's perfect for a day studying, and when you don't want to look too dressed up - but still on trend. I love these cigarette trousers, I think they really make an outfit pop, and available in a number of high street stores - so you don't need to settle for one pair! (I know I haven't). This light blazer is perfect for everyday, I know it's a bit pricier at £50 but I constantly wear it, so relaxed and slouchy. It's always good to buy a statement piece every now and then that you're going to get a lot of wear out of.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories! This necklace I love, there's a lot of chain necklaces on the high street at the moment and for £4 you can't go wrong! This particular one also has a bit of weight to it, there's nothing worse than a light, barely there necklace. 

Blazer - Topshop £50
Cigarette Trousers - H&M £7 (sale, bargain right?)
Top - H&M (bought years ago)
Boots - Dorothy Perkins £28 (sale, 20% off original price)
Necklace - Primark £4 

Hope you enjoyed seeing our Back to school Style, be sure to come back next week for part 2!

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