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Friday, August 9, 2013

Winnings and Round up of Crop Over Weekend | Festival Fridays

Remember these cars from one of my earlier Festival Friday Posts?

These were just some of the winnings for the successful competitors of the Crop Over Events. I'll be rounding up all of the winners in the post and telling you about the Sleepless Weekend!

Let's Start with the Kids :)! I was watching this competition along from home and I quite enjoyed it. The younger calypsonians are definitely holding the future in their hands. Many of the songs had good lyrics and of, course as they are children, you can't expect every execution to be perfect, but it was very good. The Junior Calypso Monarch was won by Quinn P in the 8- 12 category, singing "Living With HIV" and in the 13-18 category by Honesty with the song "Respect de Disable". The top prizes included a cash prize, staycation vouchers, electronic gadgets and huge trophies. For the placement of the other top 3 contestants and all of the prizes, you can click here.


As for Kiddies Kadooment, the winners' pool was mixed with names like Renee Ratcliffe, Yasmin Vlahakis, Trevor Nicholls and of course, Qywneth Squires appearing multiply times. Not surprisingly, plethora of the primary school bands are coming forward with award-winning presentations as well. These types of bands have been improving year after year with schools like St.Mary's Primary taking a number of prizes in this year's Junior Kadooment.

Soca Royale was won with much controversy (at least to me and some others). I think it was a bit unfair that persons from the same band were allowed to participate so many time, won so many top positions, as well as had an addition prize added onto their winnings.  If I were a Soca artist, I would probably boycott the Soca competitions for the next Crop Over. It just doesn't seem fair, but that's just my view.

Soca Royale venue before the huge crowds
Anyway, the Sweet Soca Competition was won by Blood with "Ah Can't Wait", while Biggie Irie came 2nd with "Ah Need Ah Riddim" (honestly I think Biggie should have won). Then for the Party Soca segment, Soca Kartel won 1st place, followed by its members Mikey and Blood who won 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Biggie Irie performing

On Friday night, the Cave Shepherd All Stars had quite a presence at the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals with 3 of their  participants winning top titles. Ian Webster (Cave Shepherd All Stars) carried away the crown from the classic winners such as Red Plastic Bag from 2012. While Chrystal Cummins Beckles from the same tent, Blood, Collin Spencer,also from the Cave Shepherd All Stars and Aziza, took the remaining top 5 titles respectively. I wasn't following this competition as closely, so I'm not sure what songs each of them had.I do remember hearing a couple of the performances, and I loved Aziza's song "Guardians of Calypso". I think it's great that for some one so young, she placed well up there with more seasoned artists as well.

Foreday morning jam!
After the Pic-O-De-Crop, was Foreday Morning Jam, which ended on Spring Garden. As I was working in a stall down there I got quite a look at the crowd it brought and it was definitely a well-attended event! Not to mention, there were so many bands that from around 2am to probably 7am, people were still arriving. Not to mention the spectators. It's the first sunrise I had seen in a while, I was up the entire night and never thought I'd be headed home at 8am! I sadly didn't get to see Rihanna as she passed down Spring Garden, but I saw plenty of pictures her when I had recovered from that day.

Revellers party on til day break

Bridgetown Market was full of people all weekend!
Kids have all the fun! (Bridgetown Market)
Sunday was the well-anticipated Cohobblopot, which I sadly didn't get to attend. This year I was so tired and busy I don't know how I would have even gotten to that and stayed awake! Seriously, I'm going to start putting down from this year for all the Crop Over events, get my calendar early and schedule ahead for these events. Nothing will stop me, hahaha!  Anyway  I'm not going to dwell on this too much, but if you want to know what it was and who was performing, click here.

Lil Rick performing at Cohobblopot
Finally Monday's big event, GRAND KADOOMENT! I did not have the enthusiasm I typically have for it, (again very tired haha), but I did watch on TV for most of the day, then left home later to catch glimpses of the festivities on the road.
 One thing I just don't understand about this street festival. Why must people use the opportunity to show off their worst behaviour. And I'm not talking about dancing, wukking up, or the costumes, though those are a bit questionable these days. I'm talking about the urge to fight, to show who's "badder" to be dishonest or just plain silly. There's no need for it especially when you come out to have fun. Don't come out to beat anyone for dancing with someone, don't want to stab people for missing and taking on your toe, move out the way when trucks are passing, you know what is a mack truck and tonnes of pounds? Plus, if the police are there, you have no reason to try to test their resources. Just don't do it. It leaves you in more trouble than you started, when you could just enjoy the holiday and be happy.

Anyway, there weren't too many reports of misbehaviour or anything too serious. Most enjoyed their time on the road and that's great! If you want to see more images of Crop Over (every event), you could check out the official Barbados Crop Over Facebook page.

Thank you for following along with me as we experienced Crop Over! If you were a part of it, I hope you did enjoy it, I know I did. Next year, I hope to get out to see more events as well. If you weren't a part of it, what are you waiting for? Be here next year, where it's promised to be bigger and better! It Sweet fuh Days!

Official Crop Over Festival Website

Disclaimer: I am by no means affiliated with NCF or other promoters of the Crop Over Festival. I am just an independent party who thinks Crop Over is awesome, beautiful, and meant to be shared! Images are courtesy of the Official Crop Over festival page, where they are linked to the respective albums. 


  1. This looks like quite a festival! Wow! I bet you guys had fun. But I do agree that I don't understand the mob behavior either. I just started following you from the Aloha hop.

    1. It is quite a festival, I love it :) I never get that either. Thanks for following!
      I'm having a bit of trouble accessing your blog :( Hopefully it's back up soon :)


  2. Hey!! I just found your blog through the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!!
    I love festivals! In Puerto Rico, there is a Salsa festival that is super fun!
    Anyway, I am now following your blog through Bloglovin, GFC & twitter.
    Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you through your blog!


    1. OOOH Salsa! That must be fun! LThanks for following, I look forward to more of your comments! You're gorgeous btw, and so is your blog :)
      I love the concept and the fact that you're also a college student like me!
      I'm now following you through GFC, twitter and Bloglovin' too.



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