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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beauty Weakness- My Brows | Beauty Chit Chat

Hey all! Today I was going to post my brow routine, but I didn't get around to photographing it for you guys during the weekend. I also realise it's not a day for chit chat however, I really felt like just taking a bit of a breather. Also, let's skidaddle on over to TGL for the Weekly Wednesday blog hop after you finish up here and show the blogs on the hop some love :)!

I am not great with eyebrows, as a matter fact, it's one of the hardest things for me to do. I can barely get them to cooperate and previously I thought it would be a sin to shape them. Until I looked back at my older makeup tutorials. Gosh how atrocious! They were always doing their own thing even when I filled them in, and they were never set.

Ungroomed brows in their natural habitat.
Eventually I became more tempted to shape them but, I was always scared that if someone touched my brows I'd end up with those odd pencil-thin brows I hated.  After a friend of mine did it for me once, I was in love with how neat they looked. And so I tried it myself after much coaxing and some videos on YouTube (because we all know how bold YouTube makes us).

I ended up tweezing and although it hurt at first but soon the feeling was minimal. I realised the key was you use a nice hot towel (don't burn yourself), or take a steamy shower to open up the pores. It really helps for the first could of plucks.

Next I want to try shaping them with a razor. Perhaps getting someone to help me to perfect my arch. I always have one lower than the other.

But yea gals, that's just one of my beauty weaknesses. My eyebrows. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're really bad. Still working on taming them.

What about you? What's your weakness? Have you found some way to conquer it, or are working on it? Any great products for extremely unruly (mind-of-their-own) brows?


  1. I try to ignore my eyebrows. I have zero beauty instincts and when I was a teenager I hated my eyebrows so much I developed trich. I've got it mostly under control so I try not to care too much about how my eyebrows look. The fact that they're whole is an improvement, lol.

    1. unfortunate to hear about the trich, but at least your brows are still there haha! Not caring about them sometimes is a lot easier lol.


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