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Monday, September 30, 2013

Collective Beauty Haul | Beauty

Hey all! I have a haul for you. It's been a while since I went into Collins and bought actual makeup. Typically I'd get skincare, snacks and other random things from there. But since I really needed to repurchase a lip balm and the Baby Lip was in stock, I was also tempted by the new Maybelline and L'Oreal displays, I took the opportunity to get some stuff to try out during October.

 So here's the stuff I got from Collin's Pharmacy. I'll be reviewing the L'Oreal True Match Foundation and the concealer. These are my first foundations from this brand and I've heard plenty rave about them. I wonder how they'll hold up to our climate. I already reviewed the Maybelline Baby Lips in Peppermint here, but I also picked up Pink Punch to try out.

I also needed some hair things, so I got these neutral hair ties, some hair elastics (not pictured) and... I found these velcro hair bows which you use if you're washing your face, applying make up etc so your hair isn't in your face, but it isn't clipped back to get a kink in it. I used to see so many Asian YouTube beauty girls use these, I lusted them for ever. So far so good, they actually stay in my hair. I might review them, so tell me if you'd like me to do that.

I also got this 120 colour BH Cosmetics palette, along with a glitter and one of the BH Cosmetics waterproof eye liners from a really good friend of mine, thanks Sam! I can't wait try out some really crazy makeup looks with them. I don't know if I'll post any to be honest though. I'll have to see just how well they come out.


  1. Nice Buys! I also have the 1st Edition by BH Cosmetics and really like this palette. How much were the lip balms?

    1. Thanks, The lip balms were about $8BDS. I just found your blog, and I must say good luck with your hair journey! You've come a long way :)



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