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Monday, September 2, 2013

e.l.f. All Over Color Stick | Swatches & Review

Hey all! I bought these colour sticks from the e.l.f. website a while ago because I always wanted to try them and I think there was some deal on. Trust me, they're always a deal on the e.l.f. site, it's hard to keep track. these are small twist up colour sticks available on the e.l.f. site for about $1USD. They're very convenient as you don't need a brush to apply them, and there are plenty of colours. I especially like how they look on my skin tone and give it a nice sheen.

I fell in love with Pink Lemonade and for a good part of June It was the only cheek colour I'd wear, aside from bronzer. It's a nice bright pink for my skin tone, you can apply it with your fingers and not end up looking like a clown and it has some shimmer so it's like a highlight too. Becareful not to blend too much. Especially when using your fingers, the product starts sticking more to your fingers and less to your face, so it looks like you aren't wearing anything but shimmer.

The other colours I have are also lovely. I picked them after viewing a bunch of swatches so I didn't get something that was way too pale for my brown skin. I like that they can be worn all over. I wore Toasted as a warm bronzy blush/ highlighter at some point and Golden Peaach as an eyebrow highlight as well as all over my lids another time. Of course using a primer, as the creamy consistency will crease on your lids.

these sticks are a good firm consistency that warm up to apply to the skin easily, especially with your fingers as I mentioned before. If your choose to use a brush, use a synthetic one, as these colour stick do feel a bit waxy and it would take a bit of effect to get it out of a natural hair brush.

The only thing I didn't like and that's about all of them was their staying power. They're all beautiful colours, but as I was saying with blending it out too much, it just disappears. I'm a person who tends to touch their face a lot, and I think this blush possibly lasts 2-3 hours on me. I do not think that these colour sticks are waterproof either, definitely not marketed that way. So although they're easy to apply during summer, I don't think they last in the heat. Especially not Barbados heat. Also if you have oilier skin than mine, this may not be the product for you as it is emollient.


  • Affordable.. more like CHEAP!
  • Easy to apply
  • Convenient to carry around
  • Multi-purpose as it can be used on any part of face
  • Combines shimmer and colour
  • Gives healthy glow and colour
  • Faint fruity smell ( I thought it was just Pink Lemonade, but all have it)


  • Not for oily skin or hot climates
  • Not waterproof or long lasting
  • Prone to creasing without eye primer
  • Can look overly shiny (may need setting with powder)

The Raw Sugar:

I love the colours of these colour sticks and how nicely they can be worn all over the face. Although they're a breeze to apply (especially on darker skin), they just do not stand up long enough in my climate. I don't know if I also need to use a face primer or set them with a powder too, but I'd rather it be hassle-free. I do like the flush of colour they give for the first couple hours, but after that  you will need to touch up. To defend e.l.f though, they don't toot about being long lasting anyway, and it is convenient enough to carry around. I think it's a good product, I like it!

Where you can find it: e.l.f. website (online), Target is also known to sell e.l.f products (USA)

Disclaimer: This product was bought with my own money. Opinions are my own.


  1. Hey Christina! Aren't (some) e.l.f. products amazing bang for your buck? I'd love for you to check out my post on these colorful little babies! http://smilingridm.blogspot.com/2013/08/getting-cheeky-on-budget.html

    Love your blog!


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