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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hanging Out with Friends & Going Out! | Back to School Style Collab

Hey all! We're back again this week with our more fun outfits. Apologies this wasn't up earlier. School tends to do that :(. Anyway today we're chilling out with friends and going out to parties! See our outfits after the jump. I hope you enjoyed this style collab, check out all our blogs for more posts.
If you missed part 1, click here!

As each of us are from varying academic levels and parts of the world, you'll see a good set of variation in our outfits.

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Photos after the jump!

Jasmine loves to be cozy when hanging out:

During the fall in New York it can be nice and warm in the day and chilly at night. You want to be able to wear something that can be converted into both types of weather so this is why I paired a light motor jacket with a crop top. Fall in New York also means the return of dark colors. Weather its black, greys or dark greens. I try to look fashionable on budget and Forever21 is a great place to do that.

Mandy loves to dress up when she'd headed out:

random outfit

This is my going out outfit. I usually stick with a nice dress, and a cardigan because I'm always super cold. I love these topshop boots because they are super edgy, but comfortable and easy to walk and/or dance in.

Christina loves to look chill when hanging out:

It's hot in Barbados all year round, so when I chill with friends, I usually think of comfort, unless we're going to some swanky place. I could go from classes to the beach, house party or elsewhere in this look without any effort. Shorts are a year-round thing (although this week's been raining buckets). I also love this magenta peplum top I got from JCPenney, that I layered a white F21 cami under it in case it got cooler later. Shoes are from Payleess Shoe Source, I love these sandals! My bag is from Call it Spring, just my everyday purse. I would also add a cardigan to this, but I had forgotten it, haha!

Lucy loves a good party: 

So here's my going out look, I love this look because its so easy to dress up or down, if you're off somewhere that's not that fancy but still want to make an effort - swap the heels for flats, perfect!
Kimono, Primark: £15
Cami Top, Topshop: £18
Shorts, Levi's  (second hand, Urban Outfitters): £20
Shoes, New Look: £25

Bag, Dorothy Perkins: £11
Necklace, Primark: £4
I'm still clutching onto the hope that it's summer here, but this look still works in winter, just make sure to take a coat too! Specifically over here in freezing cold England!
Stay tuned on my blog for more about this look and others!


  1. I'm not in school anymore but I can't wait to see your creations!!

    1. Thank you :) be sure to check out the other girls blogs and leave a comment too!


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