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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Eyebrow Routine | Beauty

Hey all, today I'm going to show you have I groom and fill-in my brows. As I said in my Beauty Weakness post, I'm no expert on brows, I struggle to keep mine looking tidy for that matter. But I do like to keep them looking as natural as possible. I have fairly thick eyebrows which taper off to almost no hair at the ends, so that is my biggest problem. Also as I wear glasses, it's best that I fill in my brows to balance the rest of my face.  (BTW check out the WWBH, I missed out last week, but I'm all over it this week, posting early even!)


I'm really tempted to put more of an arch into my brows, but I'd rather a professional do it, because I'm certain I'm mess it up.

Weirdo brows BEFORE

Some people use razors, others uses tweezers, or scissors, But I'll show you haw I achieve my "best" brow. Let's get to it! (Don't forget to pin the tutorial if you like it too.)

  1. With a clean spoolie, I brush my brows upwards and outwards
  2. After I've done that, I take a small scissors (one specifically for brows would make it easier) and trim the hair which is too long and messes with the shape I'm going for. Previously I'd outline my brows in a white pencil to be certain of the shape, but now I can guesstimate, hahah!
  3. Pluck those stray hairs above and below your brow. I pluck some and not all because over-tweezing can cause the hair not to grow back, and I wouldn't want that if I decided to ever change my brow shape.
  4. Start to fill in the brow. I am using a small angled brush and the e.l.f. brow kit in Medium to make short strokes (though I hardly looks like that in this photo). Anyway, you want it to look natural and not too dark compared to you hair colour. I would also use the Maybelline MasterShape eyebrow pencil, but I'm all out of it sadly. 
  5. Use a brow gel like this one from e.l.f. that's clear to set the brows. I find this allows my artistry to last ALL day! You can also use the powder that comes in the brow kit, which I do sometimes. Depending on my mood that day. That also lasts long. 
  6. Finally, highlight underneath your brow using your favourite highlighter. I'm using LORAC On Screen Duo in Champagne and Caviar as usual. But I also like Smashbox's Crisp eyeshadow to highlight as well. I like shimmery highlights it I'm not wearing any other eye products. 
ViolĂ !

Besides the trimming and tweezing, I typically do my brows like this, unless it's a special occasion and I'm wearing more face and eye make up. Do any of you ladies do the full-on concealer/ highlighted brows? What's your take on that? I think done right it looks very good, but I just couldn't imagine spending so much time on those when I have to be leaving home early (or in a rush).

Disclaimer: Products mentioned were bought with my money. Opinions are my own.


  1. Brows are my downfall. I wish you could come do mine, yours look great!!!

    1. haha! Thanks, but really I am not the best at it either. far from it!

  2. Great job with the brows Christina. I love the fact that they still look natural and not painted on.


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