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Monday, September 16, 2013

Perceptions of Makeup at School | Chit Chat

Hey lovies! It's been a while since I got a personal on my blog, save for weekly updates. I thought this was a good topic to talk about, because in Barbados where I live, unlike the US wearing makeup at school can be quite a big deal, even at college.


One time, I  wanted to feel a bit special, so I spent some time that morning on my make up. I think I was wearing deep blue eye-liner or something. This was back when blue eye-liner was my go-to. While at school, a guy I knew vaguely asked me, "amm.. why are you wearing makeup?" I looked at him in a most puzzled way and replied, "because I felt like".

What exactly is so wrong with just a little makeup for classes? Maybe I like it and feel good in it. Maybe it makes me feel a bit more put together. Maybe I have somewhere to go after classes. Whatever the case, I don't think anything is wrong with a little makeup for classes.

Source | Keep it fresh  and simple like this for classes. 

Now that doesn't mean you need to go all out with foundation, concealer, magic brows (I like to call them), fake lashes, blush and smokey eyes... You get what I mean. It can be a bit distracting and for some reason people just won't take you seriously. It's the real sad part about being a makeup or beauty enthusiast. People think because you're into makeup that you don't have ambition or interests outside of beauty.

For me, I am a lover of makeup and skincare, I don't mind if people ask me about products. I love sharing tips and products that work. But outside of my interest in makeup, I'm an avid scientist. My major is Chemistry, and I aspire to go into the field of Food Science. Not sure what areas as yet, but I have some time to decide on it.

Source | Neutrals are good for classes and a pop of colour adds fun to your make up.
So don't be fooled, when you see a girl sporting a bit of makeup at school. We're not dumbies, sometimes we have ambitions and goals too. Refrain from asking me why I'm wearing makeup,  it's rude. Try a compliment instead. I bet it'll get you further.

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