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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Almay Oil-free Eye makeup Remover pads (RW) | Review

Hey all! Apologies for being a no show on Monday, I have literally no explanation for that, besides that it was my birthday, haha! Does that count? Since I wasn't able to bring you a review on Monday, here's one from 2012 about the Almay eye makeup remover pads, which are still a really great product up to now. Mind you back then I was on picture overload for blog posts, so excuse me please.

You can see the original article here.


I absolutely LOVE this eye make up remover! It's just fabulous. You get 80 round pads, saturated with their amazing eye make up remover. These pads do not dry up very fast and each is nicely saturated, there's no need to squeeze out excess product. It's like they soaked each pad separately with the right amount of remover.
Don't let the thinness fool you, these are powerful!

The power of these pads to remove waterproof mascara is outstanding! The Falsies mascara is off within 10 seconds! For nights out or special occasions, I wear more eye makeup, yet these pads have been able to remove layers of eye make up very briefly. It's so amazing, again I'll say I love this make up remover.

This is how easily it dissolved the Maybelline Falsies Waterproof formula

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tomorrow's my Birthday!! (and Wishlist) | Beauty

Hey all! Tomorrow's my birthday, yay!!! I wanted to do a wishlist post, though I probably won't be receiving any of the stuff on it, but as time passed I continued to put it off. Well as it is tomorrow, I guess I could still mention the things that have recently peaked my interest. Christmas is around the corner after all!

In passing through Cave shepherd, I decided to take a look at the new perfumes and stumbled across the new Viva La Juicy Noir. I am in love with this. I thought the original Viva La Juicy was good, but this took the cake! Smells so yummy!

5 Study tips before Exams hit! | Life

Hey all! I'm a university student, but I hardly ever talk about uni any more. Probably because I'm usually so stressed out and busy that I hardly have the time to any more. Anyway, I wanted to share a few study tips which could be very helpful before exams in December. I'm such a bad student that I haven't even checked out the exam timetable as yet, I just don't want to see the gloom until it's finalised, hahah!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Coastal Scents Hot Pots (RW) | Swatches

Hi everyone to the first of many Rewind Wednesdays. I have tons of old posts that could do with some love, so here goes!

Way back in 2011, I had bought the Coastal Scents hot pots, which are the single eyeshadows you can make a palette out of. There were a lot of colours to choose from, many of which came from their own special palettes. Now there's even MORE colours to choose from and they've even given them quite nice names. I am not sure what these ones would be called now, but I plan on updating that information to this blog in the near future.

Monday, October 21, 2013

New blog design!!

Hey all! I wanted to have this for a while now and I've finally gotten it! A new blog design, blog button and tagline! This fabulous work is thanks to Christina from Rai Designs! I had been gradually changing things like the sharing buttons and a few other widgets. I still have some work I'd like to do on the titles for the various headings in the sidebar. But I think everything actually meshes really well together!

Anyway what are your thoughts on the new look? I modified my tagline also because I did not feel like I was saying enough about my island roots from blogging. I mean I do post a lot about beauty and I do Chit Chats often, but something needed to shout BARBADOS! (besides a flag, you know?)

I can't stop looking at it, hehehe! Now to change my siggy , and sidebar titles...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Sticking to Schedule is hard! | Chit Chat

Happy Friday!

I promised I'd get back to my schedule probably a week ago, but it has become harder and harder to do so since classes started. I'd have to take about an hour or more to think out posts to write, then I have to remember to take pictures of them.

Taking pictures is not hard, but taking good pictures (or at least in my mind) is. I like to take my product photos in the daylight as I have a digital camera and the photos look grainy in dim light. As many of my classes are early in the day and run well into evening I can't even take them before I leave home or when I get back because it's almost always too late.

Anyway, I said all of that to ask you bloggers and even readers for tips on blogs, photos and lighting. Any suggestions on what to post would also be considered. I have some ideas in mind but it would take some time to put them together for a post.

Also, I hope you recognised, I updated my blog Schedule on the right of this page, giving me a bit more freedom on what to post. I want to in-cooperate my older posts, which although were not as good as my current have very useful information in them.

Here's the new schedule:
  • Beauty Mondays -Reviews, Beauty Chit Chat, Hauls
  • Rewind Wednesdays- Taking you back in time to my older posts!
  • Guest Thursdays- Guest Posts (see form if you're interested)
  • Anything Goes Fridays- Beauty, Life or Fashion posts
  • Blog hops all week! (once I can keep up) 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday Poll #293 by MBB | Chit Chat

Hey all! Every Monday Karen from Makeup & Beauty Blog does a fun post called the Monday poll where she answers about 10 random questions.  So this week I said what the hey, let's do this!

Also I want to give a special shout out to one of my closest friends Blackman, it's his Birthday today!! Happy Birthday! :) 

1. What makeup brand has the prettiest packaging?
I think Benefit has the cutest packaging of any makeup line I've come across. Maybe then Soap & Glory, they're have some pretty nice stuff. 

2. Do you ever travel for business?
Nope, I don't really have business overseas anyway. 

3. What accessories are you wearing (jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, anything else)?
My Secondary school graduation ring (Class of 2010 woot!), BCBG Affirmations bracelet (says Sweet), A silver necklace my Grandmum gave me, and a pink CZ  pendant from one of my good friends and finally dainty pavĂ© heart studs.
4. What’s the wackiest piece of clothing you own?
I don't think I have any really wacky clothing pieces. I would be tempted to buy some outrageous things but I always stop myself because I know I'll think hard to wear it anywhere. 

5. How often do you do eye looks involving more than one eyeshadow?
Probably twice a month or a bit more. Depends on how I feel when I'm leaving for classes or if I'm going out to somewhere other than school.

6. Is there any kind of nail polish you won’t wear (textured, glitter, matte, other)?
Nope. I'm actually dying to try the textured polishes!

7. Who’s your favorite artist (visual, music or other)?
Right now, I'd say a tie between Katy Perry and Britney Spears. It's always changing, but I am really feeling their most recent music.

8. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?
I think the hardest thing was contesting a space on my university's Student Guild. But it definitely was a good learning experience despite losing, as I also became a part of the committee and was made aware of a lot of the happenings at my college. 

9. Have you ever done an ombre lip?
I tried once on someone, but it was a fail because the colours just weren't working out as nicely as I imagined. I must try it again though.

10. On a scale of 1-10, what’s your personal makeup style (1 being no-makeup makeup, 10 being full-on divalicious drag queen)?
Daily, my makeup style is a 4 but when I'm headed out, I bump up to a 8-9. I love to play around with my make up when I'm going somewhere.

NYX Haul | Beauty

Hey all! I went to get my hair done on Friday (I'll have some pics up of that later, but if you follow me on Instagram you already saw them) and decided to stop by #1 Beauty Supply store afterwards. How lucky of me, as I'usually the last person on these things, but I saw they brought in a NYX display and it was fully stocked. I didn't take any pictures then, but I definitely will when I go back. Surprisingly too the prices were affordable enough for my student budget! I was jumping for joy, I just had to get something.

I got mostly pencil products as I know I probably have too many lip products (a makeup drawer full and then some) and I wasn't too excited about the foundation, since I had bought some new ones to test out the week before.  I got these two lip liners, in Natural and Plum as I was convinced by a friend the day before that I needed NYX lip liners in my life. How funny the timing of this all!

Then I got an eyebrow pencil as my Maybelline MasterShape was going through it's last days and I had actually stopped using it until I found a replacement. And because you always need a good black eyeliner, I picked up their liquid liner in first black and then I saw this gorgeous bright blue, that I cannot wait to wear!

I was very impressed by the selection, colours and prices available at #1 Beauty Supply store when it came to this NYX display. Definitely want to go back and get more stuff before all the good things are sold out.

Friday, October 11, 2013

What happened to the posts? | Chit Chat

Hey guys, I know I said I'd only take one week off but that wasn't enough apparently. I'm going to admit I've been trying to do way too much. So when Sunday rolled around, I tried to write Monday's post and was BLANK. Tabula rasa. I didn't know what to write, what to take pictures of. Honestly, I think I went into vacation mode, hahaha.

I stopped for a break but instead of following up on everything I wanted to, I was overwhelmed.
Anyway enough with the excuses, I will be sure to take some photos for upcoming posts and also have some fun posts up soon. I have to kickstart back onto my schedule which I may be making some changes to. Perhaps some days you may see more than one post on one day. It may be a short post but nonetheless, I want to try to post more and eventually work my way up to posting daily.

So to new beginnings, it was a nice break. Sorry to keep you guys hanging, but thank you for staying with me!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Splurge or Save | Guest Post

Today we have another post from the lovely Jeanne Marie from Makeup Hungry. She's going to tackle the ultimate question on saving vs splurging on your cosmetics.  I hope you enjoy and be sure to stop by her blog and Facebook to tell her hello!

Hello Everyone!

When it comes to all things beauty for those who watch makeup reviews, they know that we are often bombarded with rave reviews from everything Urban Decay, Too Faced to the every popular MAC telling us that you can't do your makeup properly without using these brands.

The question I often ask myself is: Is it ALL necessary? Don't get me wrong, these companies have a right to charge the prices they do. They provide excellent quality products. But is it ESSENTIAL? Do we need MAC foundations, concealers, false eyelashes, eyeshadows. e.t.c ?

DISCLAIMER: If you have the money and you wish to spend it on Smashbox, Lancome and previously mentioned department store makeup then by all means do your thing girl. This post is for us girls on a budget.

Here are my list of beauty items I think are worth spending top dollar on and those who can Save.

Splurge Time


Eyeshadow is something I am willing to spend money on. While brands like Milani and Wet n Wild have some amazing eye shadows, I am less likely to walk into Wonderful World or an American beauty supply store for eye shadow. Brands like Kleancolor and Beauty Treats, it is rare that you will get amazing pigmentation or that it doesn't require a white base such as NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.

On the high end I would more than willingly purchase:
The Sugar Pill Cosmetics 4 pan eye shadows. They retail for about US$34 dollars and can be purchased on the Sugar Pill website. For your bright eye shadow looks I would highly recommend these palettes.

For my Caribbean makeup lovelies you can purchase them at the Facebook page:
Makeup Attitude for TT$250

For my more neutral eye shadow needs, I would recommend the Lorac Pro Palette which could be purchased at Sephora or on their website for US$42

Or at Makeup Attitude for TT$400

2. Eye primer

Don't get me wrong, I love my Ruby Kisses eye primer and my Arlene Villarule Pro eyebase.
The primary function of all eye shadow primers are to stop eyeshadows from creasing. Even with amazing eyeshadows from Urban Decay to Lorac Pro Palette eye shadows a primer is required to make them last all day long or at least your work day.

3. Foundation

Foundation is that in itself. The foundation, the base. Sometimes I like using a medium coverage foundation and just placing the concealer in problem areas. However, the best foundations not only provide great coverage but last long.
For this I would recommend any liquid or mousse/whipped like foundation that promises coverage but with a light weight feel.
My recommendation would be Revlon Colorstay Whipped or even their liquid version. While this isn't super expensive I would rather pay 60+ for a foundation that to use Klean Color or LA Girl that have poor shade ranges which usually consist of three to four colours from light, medium, dark and/or deep.

4. Makeup brushes

This can be quite controversial topic. While I don't think everyone needs to have a brush collection filled with MAC brushes, I think certain key brushes need to be of good quality. Elf brushes are amazing but I wouldn't rely on their flat foundation or stippling brushes to do the job. My biggest pet peeve is going to do my makeup and finding that the ferrule (the silver part that holds the hairs in place) is in pieces. While makeup sponge tip applicators can do a great job, most that come with eye shadow palettes will be destroyed after 5 uses if you are lucky. While you don't need to run out to buy all MAC brushes, those cheap pharmacy brush kits that commonly consist of a face brush, mascara wand, eye shadow brush and an eyeliner/lip brush are disastrous. They usually are made with bristles you find on your hair brushes and the handle and the ferrule become disconnected by Day 1.
My suggestion would be to buy good face brushes from MAC if you are from Trinidad and Tobago (I think Sigma is a waste of time in TT because one of their brushes can cost $140-$175 and a MAC brush can be $150 and up. They are around the same price range.)

Savings Time

1. Mascara

I never spend much on mascara. (although the price of Ruby Kisses and Milani in Wonderful World I may as well buy L'oreal and Revlon which are more reputable and cost more in the US. Wonderful World convert US products by the US price by 10, while Pennywise where brands like L'oreal, Revlon, Maybelline are sold multiple their items by 7. So a Revlon item at US $9 would be $63 while a $7 item at Wonderful from Milani would run you $70).
I don't see the need. When I spent money it is all about longevity. It is all about the formulation and the brush. Some require more liquid consistency, others prefer drier texture, while others partial to one that is neither liquid or dry in consistency. Most women choose based on their mascara needs.
Most mascaras last no more than four months and even the ones that are packaged as lasting a year tend to dry out. In my personal opinion, spending $100 dollars for something that you may have to throw away three months later, worse yet if you only wear makeup on weekends to church or happy hour with friends.

I recommend Revlon's Lash Fatasy Total Definition. It comes with a primer that lengths the lashes with the mascara end provides volume.

You can purchase this at Pennywise for around TT$40 or any drugstore like Walgreens if you are living in the US.

2. Blush/bronzer

Other than Nars Laguna Bronzer, most of the hype surrounding bronzers have come from the drugstore. Elf has an alleged dupe and Covergirl bronzers especially the Queen collection ones have been getting rave reviews.
For TT makeup lovelies you can get the bronzers mentioned at Makeup Attitude on Facebook.
COVERGIRL Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer

3. Lipstick/Lip gloss, Liquid lipsticks, Lipstains Liners

While MAC and other high end lipsticks have their place to be honest it is all in the finish. Matte lipsticks last the longest in most brands. There is no real need to run out to buy Ruby Woo or Riri Woo unless you simply love the colour or Rihanna. Wet n Wild has so many MAC lipstick dupes that are just as good. Same goes for lip liners, liquid lipsticks and Lipstains. There are great options from Wet N Wild and Revlon.

You can purchase them at Walgreens if you live in the US or again Makeup Attitude.

Wet n Wild MegaLast Mega Last Lip Color

4. Face primer

Here is my problem with face primers. I have combination/oily skin. If I use a mattifying primer then I put an oil free matte foundation when first applied I look flat and powdery. If I try a dewy foundation over a mattifying primer the chemistry does not work and my face gets oily quicker than usual. So I rather use a great matte foundation instead. As long as you have a wonderful foundation a primer becomes redundant. Under long wearing foundation you don't even notice the longevity and under normal foundations it only gives you 2/3 more hours.
Too may foundations are promising longevity for a face primer to be worth it. The only benefit I see in them is that they make your face smoother so less foundation may be needed. But like I said a good foundation could do the same.
Try Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation which is said to work as not only a foundation but a concealer and primer as well. Maybelline Fit Me Stick foundation has an inner core that works like a primer.

So do you lovelies agree or disagree? Sound off in the comment section below.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Anniversary photos and NovelTeas experience | Chit Chat

Hey all! Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. This time around we didn't go all out as we did on the first year as we were also celebrating other things that week. (Sometimes you have to pinch the dollar and make it go around twice haha.)

This time around we decided to try a local tea shop called NovelTeas Teahouse and Bistro, found in Hastings Christ Church. I had been stalking their Facebook page for some time and was really excited to see that they offered interesting teas and food. I'm not huge on tea, BUT they had Bubble Tea, something I've wanted to try for very long! Their menu also had lots of sushi on it, and as Tyrell had never tried it, we decided it would be as great a time as any time some new things. I wish I had remembered to take more photos of the shop, but I trust that I'll be going back there soon.

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