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Sunday, October 27, 2013

5 Study tips before Exams hit! | Life

Hey all! I'm a university student, but I hardly ever talk about uni any more. Probably because I'm usually so stressed out and busy that I hardly have the time to any more. Anyway, I wanted to share a few study tips which could be very helpful before exams in December. I'm such a bad student that I haven't even checked out the exam timetable as yet, I just don't want to see the gloom until it's finalised, hahah!


1. Study Continuously.
This is obvious, but sometimes we say we'll do that and it goes well for the first 4 weeks of classes, then all of a sudden we're too busy and want a break to just be lazy and do nothing in our free time. In the bit of time you're waiting for transportation or between classes, try to review your class notes. It makes for the world of difference when you do review before you get home, because we all know this equation:

Home = distractions + tiredness = no work getting done. 
The next day you may be asked a question or even a bonus question in class and you can wow your class and your lecturer with your knowledge!

2. Set a day in every week for strictly studying. 
There's a time and place for everything, and with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest... oh goodness. It seems like it's never the time to study. Not to mention if you have chores to do, friends to hang out with and a job? It's a really juggling act.
Set a particular day for ONLY studying for every week of the semester.You can really get a lot done by doing that. you don't have to study the entire day, but take some time out for reading notes, making additions, researching and even doing small practice questions. I do this on Sundays so on Monday my brain isn't still groggy from the weekend. You know how that is.

3. Sacrifice a little, Gain a lot.
From young, my mother always taught me about sacrificing playing games, watching TV among other things to make school work my first priority. Then it seemed cruel, (still kinda does) but now I see why. You can have so much more time to just sit and read or do assignments if you're not procrastinating on the couch watching E!, Esquire or Food Network. I'm telling you, I hardly see any TV during the semester. It's weird at first when people have all these fun shows to tell you about, but you know what, it'll pay off in the end. Getting rid of distractions is a very good technique for managing your study time.


4. Take a break and Reward yourself.
Yes you deserve it! Just as important as studying, you must take breaks. If you really want/need to watch the new Scandal episode schedule your study around it, so you can take a break just to watch the show. You could also go out every now and then to reward yourself for sticking to your studying. What ever you choose just remember moderation is key, don't go overboard, 1 YouTube video turns into an avalanche of random videos before long, just like a Facebook minute ends up being an 1 hour. (guilty as charged)

5. Keep calm when it starts to get hectic.
It's really hard to stay calm sometimes and you want to scream! Heck, sometimes do I scream and it helps me to feel a bit better. I like to schedule things, not to be thrown random assignments popping up, so I get a bit flustered when everyone piles on the work at once. But we have to remember to keep calm, breathe and think of ways to make it work.
Prioritise your tasks not only by due date but level of difficulty, because it's more useful to do the difficult thing first, rather than start with the easier one. That way when due dates are approaching you have only the smaller things to complete.

I try to follow most of these tips when I'm studying, especially more recently. What tips you have to be most productive when studying?

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