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Friday, October 18, 2013

Sticking to Schedule is hard! | Chit Chat

Happy Friday!

I promised I'd get back to my schedule probably a week ago, but it has become harder and harder to do so since classes started. I'd have to take about an hour or more to think out posts to write, then I have to remember to take pictures of them.

Taking pictures is not hard, but taking good pictures (or at least in my mind) is. I like to take my product photos in the daylight as I have a digital camera and the photos look grainy in dim light. As many of my classes are early in the day and run well into evening I can't even take them before I leave home or when I get back because it's almost always too late.

Anyway, I said all of that to ask you bloggers and even readers for tips on blogs, photos and lighting. Any suggestions on what to post would also be considered. I have some ideas in mind but it would take some time to put them together for a post.

Also, I hope you recognised, I updated my blog Schedule on the right of this page, giving me a bit more freedom on what to post. I want to in-cooperate my older posts, which although were not as good as my current have very useful information in them.

Here's the new schedule:
  • Beauty Mondays -Reviews, Beauty Chit Chat, Hauls
  • Rewind Wednesdays- Taking you back in time to my older posts!
  • Guest Thursdays- Guest Posts (see form if you're interested)
  • Anything Goes Fridays- Beauty, Life or Fashion posts
  • Blog hops all week! (once I can keep up) 

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