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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

National Emblems (RW) | Barbados

Hey all! Two years ago I posted on the official emblems of Barbados and  today I'm going to recap them with you since it's the month of National Independence. My tiny little island has to stand out from others some how right?

For some reason when people hear Caribbean, they think very small-mindedly. Little to no sophistication, coconut trees everywhere, grass huts and endless beaches. But the Caribbean is way more than that, although it may not be top notch as it is in a 1st world country we still have infrastructure, governance and people (mostly educated). In representing Barbados on a global stage, we just like other developing countries, have our own flag, national dish, pledge, anthem, flower etc.

Above is our Coat of Arms which your would find on all official Government documents. The motto is Pride and Industry, something which us Bajans are forgetting a bit more everyday sad to say. On the Coat of Arms is the Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) representative of our fishing industry and the national bird the Pelican which once inhabited a small island off our coast called Pelican Island. This island has been incorporated into our sea port, the Deep Water Harbour and now you had find local craft vendors in the surrounding areas. Also on the COA, you will find our national flower, the Pride of Barbados, the Bearded Fig tree from hence Barbados is named and a hand holding sugar cane in a satire cross, representative of our sugar industry, once our main source of income.

As for our flag which you have seen around my blog every now and again, the blue panels represent our beautiful sea and the sky, while the yellow panel is for the golden sand of our beaches and the bright sun, which melts people shines here for most of the year.

We also have in my option a very majestic anthem which you can listen to below. During the month of November, you can definitely hear the anthem more than normally and  it usually is played at the beginning of official events.

Finally our national pledge, which in primary schools are said every morning. Or at least when I was younger. It's said even less in secondary school, and not at all in Universities or work places. I think it should be said more often to remind persons of your heritage and what is the aim of our society.  I wonder do Barbadians still know their National Pledge?

I pledge allegiance to my country Barbados and to my flag,To uphold and defend their honour,And by my living, to do credit to my nation,Wherever I go.

You can read the full post here with even more details.

Since this is a Rewind Wednesday I decided to throw in this little song by the Merry Men. Once a very popular group of Bajan performers back in 1960s and 70s . Here's their song "Beautiful Barbados".

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