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Friday, November 1, 2013

Photography and FOTN | Chit Chat

Hey all! I am currently doing a photography course at uni that I've always wanted to do and I'm very excited about it, because, not only do I get to learn about photography, but it's practical, we take photos with a DSLR! This is my type of dream camera, the type of camera I'd like to get most. In class, we're using an older model Nikon but it's still pretty good. However, I would love to get my hands on a Canon T3i or the T5i (which is just too expensive for my poor budget)!

The other day, I was going out and I actually took some selfies before I hit the road, since I had borrowed the camera for the weekend. Mind you, trying to pose and hold this 2 lb or so camera is not an easy task and I don't think I'll do that again haha. I was very afraid that I'd drop it or something. I put the settings on Auto and let the camera do it's thing for once; a big no-no in class but since it's a selfie for me, I guess I can do that right? hahaha.

I felt like dolling up that night too and I really like how my make up turned out. Sadly my hair isn't that length any more, I went to the hair dresser's and got it cut. It always saddens me, like isn't my hair strong/good enough to stay this length and perhaps grow past it? But no, snip snip, we need to cut your hair is all you hear. When is a trim not a cut... ever?
Anyway, it'll grow back, I'm just a bit fed up being at all most the same length for an entire year. I guess I need to find a more strict and better routine for my hair, so less cuts/trims are necessary.

Although this has a shadow I still like it for some reason...


  1. nice pics! i have a DSLR (nikon d3100) but don't know how to use the settings properly yet. i end up just using auto! lol #fail

  2. (shhh, I used Auto for these ones since itt was so hard to adjust the settings without looking at the screen lolol.) That's a really nice camera you have though. You should check out the internet and other blogs for photography tips. There's so much to learn!


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