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Friday, November 22, 2013

Ring the Alarms.. it's a Boyfriend Invasion of this blog!

Sound the alarms! Ring the bells! And call the blog police! It’s the “Boyfriend Invasion”...

Oh what a sensation and a trill it is to be the one writing this post for you awesome readers. It’s me, Tyrell that loveable peach of a Boyfriend that appears from time to time to shake things up a bit and cleverly forcing those smiles on your faces to jump out. Speaking of smiles, I was walking through a store doing some shopping for some guy stuff and as I was passing through the makeup and female beauty section.
I caught myself checking out the beauty products, how weird is that? What’s even weirder was that I had a huge smile on my face because I knew the difference between foundation, concealer and finishing powder. It was crazy!  As if the store phenomenon was not weird enough, I find that when random females walk by I can tell what make up suits their complexion, what powders they should use, if they need foundation or finishing powder and when they need to stop looking like a box of Crayola “jizzed” on their face. 

Ladies it’s because I do not want to be alone in this world of guys who understand and check out make up that I have invaded this blog to bring to you three (3) easy yet effective ways to get your guys more interested in your make-up and beauty products. Now why do you want this?  Santa is coming to town in a couple days and I’m sure some of you ladies have been naughtier as opposed to being nice wink wink…. Enough said. Santa isn’t gifting you it’s us, the boyfriend the husbands and the nice guy in your friend zone. Therefore having a guy who understands what you like and what may help you look even more beautiful than you already are would definitely bring a joyful smile to your holiday.

 The truth is this method is what got me interested in makeup and made me start paying attention to it. I did some acting some time ago and I had my very own professional makeup artist ha-ha you know who. She made me look amazing and during the process she told me everything she was using. So it’s no secret what this step is about. Get your guy in a chair, get your brushes and your powders and make him up. Most guys are actually just as vain as females and they like to know they look hot. As you are creating a look on your guy talk him through the process let him see what you’re using and what you’re doing.  With the end result make him wow. It is important that you take pictures to save and preserve the moment to remind him of how awesome it made him look.

The Live show is a true eye opener for most males so it is a safe bet considering you can pull it off. This is where you find the time to sit down with your guy and give him a live show of you making yourself pretty.  I suggest you apply make up to one half of your face and leave the other natural at the end your guy will notice the difference. Men are logical creatures we thrive on things that make sense but sometimes it’s hard to see the value of something if it isn’t in our face. Therefore using the live show and with a little bit of explanation show your guy what you can do.

If you are bold enough and you trust him enough ladies this will work for you. Give him the chance to do your make up.
That's all it takes!

Until next time I stage an invasion here...
*wink wink*


  1. Haha I loved this post Tyrell! You're so funny! Glad you can now make the distinction between all those products. Christina, you have found yourself a good man who understands us women! :)


    1. Thank you Natalie, he's really a keeper :) I'm amazed at how well he learned about the makeup lolol


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