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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

7 Cadeaux pour Femme | Gift Guide 2013

Hey all! For us ladies, we think it's so easy to get us a nice gift, but sometimes it really isn't. Here are 7 gifts bound to help you find at least something for the ladies on your list.
gifts for women

Smell goods.

Bath products, body sprays, scented lotions, perfumes, you name it and most ladies love it. We all love hoarding lots of pretty smelling things to make ourselves or around us smell pretty. Let's not even start on how much I love candles. It's a good thing I'm in a place where the really nice ones are limited. But buy a girl some smell goods and she'll be happy!


This gift would take some "stalking" or a really good, discrete friend telling you what favourite skincare item she's been running out of. Us ladies love to make sure or faces and skin is on point. Especially if you're a Caribbean lady, no ashy skin, be it elbows or knees. I think certain body lotions call under both skincare and Smell goods simply because of the great ingredients they may have in them.


A fabulous lady once said, Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Now I'm not saying to rob a bank for these gem, not every lady is into very expensive jewellery anyway, but something to remember you by in terms of jewellery, never hurt. Don't over-expense yourself though. That's a very important guideline. Stick to you budget and when things get better, then you can really splurge on a Tiffany's bracelet or a diamond ring.


A very affordable option for ladies. I love my books, although I haven't gotten around to reading as many as I have downloaded as yet. You can go the traditional route and buy her a paperback from one of her favourite authors, or maybe just something with an interesting title. Or you could see what's on her wishlist for eBooks, because with Kindles, tablets, Nooks and all kinds of digital readers, sometimes it's more convenient (and cheaper) than a trip to the book store.

Hair tools.

Flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers do get worn out. There are also updates to them, similar to technology. I think a really great gift would be a hair tool (not drugstore) which has a very good quality and is supposed to last a long time. Also something with a lot of versatility, so your receiver can get the most out of it. A few brands that have a lot of hype around them are Nume, GHD, Chi, KQC and Babyliss. It's really easy to find them online too, and some of the sites always have a coupon code available for a very sizeable discount.

Nail Polish.

Although nail polish may seem like one of those cheaper gifts, some girls always feel more put together and glamorous when their nails are nicely manicured. You want to do you research before buying nail polish though, especially with what's available here in Barbados. So you don't end up getting her the same/similar colour she has, or getting her a dud of a polish which is streaky, sheer and a pain to use. For affordable options I suggest Ruby Kisses which has very improved their quality, as well as Revlon, Maybelline, O.P.I. and Essie. Or if you want to really treat her like a queen, you can pick up a MAC nail varnish, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Deborah Lippmann or one of the other high end brands.


Some gals just can't have enough of bags, purses and shoes. Maybe her day-to-day handbag is showing some wear. You could definitely get her a good, sturdy replacement in a colour she'd love. Shoes are a bit more tricky, but it could also be said for all the accessories mentioned to take some advice from the lady in your life, or take her along with you to shop for these items. Then there's no going wrong with getting her the perfect accessory.

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