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Monday, December 9, 2013

7 Cadeaux pour Homme | Gift Guide 2013

Hey all! Everyone's been busy doing gift guides since November, and I'm yet again late to the game. Anyway, better late than never right?  This year I decided to do the first 2 post titles in French as I miss the language, after studying it for like 5 years. Go figure!

Christmas gifts for men


Mount Gay Rum is one of Barbados' best rums
If your dude is a social drinker, you could treat him to a special/ holiday edition of this favourite liquor. Something to keep in the liquor cabinet for when the good friends and relatives are over, or to have a few swigs after a long day. I love how the special edition bottles always have such nice packaging.


Guys just love their music, so why not get them a nice pair of headphones for when they want to listen to their favourite artist? Also when you're into music, you want to always be on top of the game, so a gift card for a few downloads, like an iTunes card is always a hit, not to mention it's budget friendly too! If you're looking to treat them,  you could get them some really awesome surround sound speakers to go along with the gift card.


When guys get together one of the first things they talk about is games, so why not get them one of the latest releases for Xbox, Sony PS3/4? Assassin's Creed, Need for Speed Rivals, Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty?  If you do your research and the game they most want isn't out as yet, you can always get them a gift card to their favourite gaming store, so they can purchase it on release date! They always seem to get a kick out of that.

Cell Phones.

Since purchasing my phone, I hardly pay attention to mobile phone releases. Ok, maybe I never really was too interested in the latest. I was happy as long as the phone was small, cute, fast and had a good camera for Instagram hahaha. But guys on the other hand are like us gals when it comes to phones and electronics. Every new release piques their interest. So listen closely to find out the one phone they've been drooling over and get that one. (Hopefully a newer model won't come out in the next month that they want to get too!)


A smart watch always makes for a smart-looking guy, and many of them seem to love the look. You don't always have to splurge when it comes to watches, a nice sturdy fashion watch could do the trick, especially if it's for everyday wear. But if you really want to go the extra mile you can get him a Citizen Eco Drive watch which is supposed to last for ever, a TAG Heuer, Rolex, Swatch or any other brand along those lines. You could even go for the more affordable options of Seiko, Casio or Fossil. It all depends on your budget.

BluRay Discs or DVDs.


Most guys love TV so you know this one strikes high on their lists, though they won't tell you that. Get your bro, uncle, nephew, BF, or guy friend one of their favourite series/movies on BluRay or DVD. Downloading it online is one thing, but there is nothing like owning the show you love and having it at your convenience.

Car Accessories.

If you have a guy with a car, you will know they are obsessed with pimping out their vehicle, sometimes putting more into its look than their own person appearance, hahaha. If their mats are lookign a bit wore, or maybe the seats need a bit of an upgrade, you can always purchase them a set of mats or seat covers. Of Maybe to give it a really nice sprucing up, you may want to get them a gift card for a full body service. If you're really looking to splurge you could get them the rims of their dreams!

Disclaimer: Images are not my own. This is not a sponsored post. 

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