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Monday, December 16, 2013

7 Gifts you might not have thought of | Gift Guide 2013

Hey all! Sometimes we can be suck in a rut when it comes to gifting and end up giving the same kinds of gifts every year. It gets boring, but I'm here to help you with some gift ideas that might have never crossed your mind. I know some of these definitely hadn't crossed mine until I researched for this post. All the things mentioned are useful pieces!
Gifts you might not have thought of


 Casual, cool, sophisticated, shades are a functional accessory that can do some outfits total justice. You can go affordable and buy a few pairs of inexpensive fashion sunglasses, or take the plunge to gift a designer pair of sunglasses to a very deserving person.



I just recently learned about this and I think it's a fantastic idea n these times of internet television. What even is this thing? Similar to your cable box or MCTV boxes we having in Barbados, this box allows you to watch tons of movies, games, TV shows via internet stream. You just plug it into your Tv, connect it to the internet and then watch your shows. (I wonder if this works in Barbados, because it seems fabulous!)


Casual Suits (we're going for that Neal Caffery look)

I'm still young and inexperienced, plus I'm a girl so when I asked my boyfriend about this, he said men are into suits, which I was quite shocked by especially given that we're in our early 20s. But it would make sense, because just like watches, smart suits really make the look of a guy. It's that one thing that guys have to get into wearing, whether it be from church (starts from early ages here in Barbados), or in their field of work when they leave university.

Liquor Flask

For the rough days, that are ahead. Trust that there will be those. I found these fun ones on Etsy.

Remote Control Car

This one was brought to my attention by one of my closest guy friends, Blackman. Apparently, these are very high tech and some can go up to 80mph. Big graduation from those flimsy types we played with as children. Remember hoping not to crash into anything because the whole care would literally shatter? These more sophisticated models for definitely more durable, justifying the hefty price tag for some. You can even change parts for them!
Since I'm no expert on this, furthermore I'm now finding this out, here's a link of the top 10 RC cars from Complex Rides.

Cooking or Bakeware


This is perfect for avid bakers or those who love to play around in the kitchen. Sometimes you just can't get that new pan, or even a cooking gadget that would make your life so much easier.  A gift that keeps giving, especially if you're on the receiving end of the baked goods!

Here's a 5-piece Bakeware set from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and the 6-piece set also.



Adopting a pet for someone who's always wanted to get a cat, dog, hamster, iguana, etc, is a great way to show that you care. Giving them a companion who will be there to remind them of you, as well as to love. there's nothing that beats pets... ok maybe there is but some are so cute and cuddly it's sometimes hard to decide. I only suggest this for responsible persons though, because you don't want to bring that pet from a what might have been bad home into another.



  1. I love those cheetah print sunglasses...I'm going to buy some for my store trueelle.com. RoRo’s World


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