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Friday, January 24, 2014

6 Pieces to WORK for Casual Friday | Fashion

Hey all! Sometime in Summer I saw this outfit post on Facebook, and I loved it so much I saved it. I sadly don't know who created it to credit them, but if you do know, please send me their link so I can do that.

I am in love with how chic this outfit is, even for work. Depending on where you work, this would be the perfect casual Friday outfit, though probably not for me at current, but I can't help but love it.  I think this would go well if you had to go out for drinks after work or maybe dinner with the significant other too.

If I were to put this outfit together, I would go with this Coral Blazer and Georgette blouse, for differences in colour and textures. As for the jeans, I would have loved to found a pair just like the photo, but I instead found these ones on Rue21 which you can fold the bottoms up to a comfy length. I really like the dark wash for professional wear. Shoes depend on what job you have, and I'd rather comfort over style if you are required to stand a long time, so these cheetah print loafers from Old Navy and some inner soles for extra comfort seemed perf!

I saw these set of bangles on Forever21 and loved them. Especially since the colours go well with the coral blazer. When it comes to bags, you want something fashionable yet sturdy for those daily commutes if you don't have personal transportation. Since there's a lot more colour going on with the blazer, I looked for a neutral blue bag similar to the set above and found one from Liz Claiborne.

What do you typically wear on casual Fridays?

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