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Friday, January 17, 2014

What's REALLY in my Makeup Bag | Beauty

Hey all! My makeup bag, believe it or not, is VERY boring. I only have 3 beauty items in it, 4 if you count deodorant as something, and people would think I'm high-maintenance, ha! I like to keep things simple. I'll take my fine time to be ready, and when I'm ready, usually everything is done, so I don't have to go back over any of the steps. No reapplying, no blotting, staring in the mirror.. who has time for that? As a science student I really didn't. I was just trying to get to class on time and get my work done.

What's in there?

L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara- Black 

This is one of those 2-step mascaras with a white primer and a pigmented black side. Good mascara for the false lash effect but don't overdo it or your lashes feel really heavy. You can just remove this with water but, it is quite odd because the mascara comes off in clumps or "tubes" from your lashes. So it really feels like your lashes are falling out. Other than that it's long-lasting and pigmented mascara.

e.l.f. Essential Lipstick -Fantasy 

A wearable nude lipstick that goes with anything for everyday wear. It's moisturising but, of course it doesn't last through a meal. Since it's fool-proof to apply and easy to wear, it's good lipstick for your purse.

Perfume samples  (J'adore by Dior & Essence by Narciso Rodriguez)

Ask me how often I spray perfume on in one day...hardly ever. If I mist mysyelf with whatever body splash, or perfume I have on hand, I'm great. But if I forget, oh well, life goes on. I happened to throw these in my makeup bag on that odd occasion that I really need to smell pretty. If you know what I mean.

Degree Deodorant travel size (Honey suckle & Tea tree oil)

I'm not huge on this scent, but this is a backup deo, for those mornings you run out the door without checking those pits. Usually I don't have to reapply my antiperspirant during the day either thank God, but it's better to be prepared, right?


Not like I'm sickly, but I like to keep a few painkillers in my bag, an antimicrobial solution called Econaderm and my daily supplement so I'm again prepared. I'm a nerd/geek I know, but I love having the Econaderm with me because dirty street water or just about anything really dirty can irritate my skin, so this fights the germs and makes sure I don't get a skin infection.

Hair pins

I have 2 sizes of  hair pins in my bag. They work for just about everything. I learnt some tips to using bobby pins that allows me to use fewer pins to get great hold even with my stubborn hair. I don't like the pain of hair pins, they really hurt my head after a while. I also may end up using hairpins for other random things too, many I cannot remember.

Female sanitary products

For obvious reasons, I'm a lady after all. Random fact, I've always wanted to blog about some of the feminine product brands but, I've always been kind of shy about it because in my household the menstrual cycle usually is spoken of with great secrecy. Would you gals mind if I reviewed a couple of those products here on the blog occasionally?  It's mostly a private matter, but I know some times a new brand /line of sanitary wear may be on the market  and you have no idea if they will work or not. Not to mention how awkward it would be to ask the next lady in that aisle studying her purchases.

Nail File:

I've probably had this in here about a year, a lot longer than I should have, but I hardly have the time to sit down and file my nails. Silly me is always looking for something else to do in my free time, hence running myself ragged. Let's not even talk about the state of my nails at current.


All important to make sure there's no random pen ink on your face, or lip colour on your teeth, I have my mirror in my cosmetics bag too. Have any of you ever gotten that feeling of guilt following glares from onlookers when you pull out a mirror in public and look at yourself? Why do people do that, like have they never looked in a mirror at all? What's wrong with checking to make sure your face is still there?

Boring contents, nuh? No fun brand names, products, or especially interesting things in my makeup bag. What's in yours?

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