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Monday, April 28, 2014

Golden Spring FOTD

HAPPY NATIONAL HEROES day fellow Barbadians!
Ladies, you know I just cannot live without gold eye shadow. It is just the easiest, most flattering colour, especially for women of colour. Always my go-to when I feel like wearing eye shadows. Though, I’m definitely going to step out of my comfort zone more often. Anyhow, since I had already taken the photos of this FOTD back in February, here it is. My next FOTD should be much more adventurous. ^__^

Since this was about 2 months ago, I can’t remember which exact products I’m wearing, but more than likely this is my Maybelline ColorTattoo in Bold Gold, and some CS eye shadows in my crease and outer V. More than certain that I used the Milani Ultra Fine liner and Fantastico Mauve blush, while my lip colour is KleanColor lipstick in Grape.

Until next post...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Last Relaxer, Routines, Products & Curls | Hair Update #8

Hey all, it’s been ages since my last hair update. I actually meant to write this prior to going to my hair dresser 2 weeks ago for a touch-up. Let’s start with the past…

My last relaxer touch-up was 1st February and I had stretched to 10 weeks before relaxing this time around. Not really my intention, but sometimes these things happen. At my February touch up my hairdresser used the Motions Hair Relaxer and it left me with sleek results, but it did take a long time to process as usual. On top of that, it really started to burn my scalp.. I hate the burning part! So we decided we would switch to another relaxer on the next touch-up to see how my hair and scalp would fare. Hopefully little to no burning.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Milani UltraFine Liquid Eyeliner | Review

Remember when I mentioned this product in my February & March Favourites? Well I’m finally getting around to my full review, yeah, it took I while, I’m sorry. This product was around $12BDS from #1 Beauty Supply.

Let’s start with the packaging and brush. This is very sleek and has a substantial length, so it’s not awkward to hold in your hand. The bush is also well weighted, so that you have good control when applying the product. The brush tip reminds me of the Coastal Scents liquid eyeliner, as it is a sturdy felt tip, and very easy to use, once you get the hang out it.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jolie Beauty lipstick - Imperial Purple | Review

Hey all! Jolie Beauty & Cosmetics is another Bajan beauty brand which came on the scene around 2012, rebranding themselves more recently to have a number of products other than lipstick. I must say, I was lusting after their lip colours for some time, as they looked gorgeous, but sad;y I just couldn’t access them at the time. More recently I came across the store which retails them (Blue Print), and now I know where to go whenever I want to purchase.

I also came across them at GFE 2014 and made sure to grab one of the colours I had my eye on for a while, Imperial purple which was $25BDS. As you can see this lipstick is not for the tame, it is definitely as vibrant on the lips as the bullet looks.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

February & March Beauty Favourites

Hey guys, I decided to combine both month’s favourites, since I missed the end of February with an unannounced hiatus. Are you ready for all I have to show you? It’s quite a lot, so grab a beverage and a snack!

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