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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

February & March Beauty Favourites

Hey guys, I decided to combine both month’s favourites, since I missed the end of February with an unannounced hiatus. Are you ready for all I have to show you? It’s quite a lot, so grab a beverage and a snack!

First up is skin care, which I’m not usually too picky about, but I did realise with all the stress I was having, I’d been seeing a lot more pimples and clogged pores, so I switched my cleanser and moisturiser. I got this one from Avon which is the Nutura Skin cream with Vitamin C and for sure, my skin has been a lot better. Just the occasional pimple and the scarring, which is clearing up with the use of products with SPF. My aunt sell this one for around $30 and a little bit goes a long way! Plus in A/C it keeps my skin nice and hydrated. This is good for day and night time use according to the instructions and the scent is mildly sweet.

Also taking care of my skin, my lips have needed a break from the Baby lips, so I switched out to the Avon Sweet Spring lip balm in Jelly bean. I remember using the Avon lip balms as a preteen when my mum would buy them and I forgot how nice they were. Very moisturising and lasts a long time on my lips, even in air conditioning for a number of hours.  Sadly it doesn’t taste like jelly beans, but the scent and slight taste is very reminiscent of my childhood. I got this one for $2BDS at Holetown festival, usually $3. It’s so cheap you could stock up on a bunch!

For Christmas I seemed to acquire a handful of fragrances, which is great for me because I hadn’t had any new ones in a while. I’ve been wearing this Pink Grapefruit body splash which is a strong citrus (tangy) yet alluring scent to me, as well as the very sweet Vanilla Bean Noel, either separately or mixed almost daily. Sadly Pink Grapefruit was discontinued in 2013 by BBW, but I’m so grateful to have been gifted it, I really cherish the scent. Next is another Avon product which is Secrets to Keep, the name and the packaging is what got me on this one. The scent is what hit me next. I love to keep this in my handbag for when I forget to put on perfume. It’s so discreet and the scent is a sweet fruity floral.

My hair’s been pretty good lately, I’ve been seeing a lot less breakage, especially since I realised I might have been too rough on my hair when it comes to combing. I have been trying out some techniques both naturals and relaxed hair gals use and I’ve been seeing drastic improvement even on wash days! More on my new hair routine soon. My oil mix now consists of Coconut oil, Castor oil and a few drops of vanilla oil to kill the overwhelming scent of castor oil. I’m quite pleased with the results, great for dry scalp, shine, refreshing my hair before styling even.   Along with my oil mix, I use the ORS HAIRepair anti-breakage creme on my ends. This sample I got with the ORS Olive oil Sheen and it has lasted a long time since I first got it. I love that it’s so thick, it feels very nourishing. When it’s all gone then I’ll buy the full size. But until then, I’m sure this small all will do great as a little goes a long way. Also I raved the ElastaQP Design Silk in my 2013 favourites and of course it’s back for more. The best setting product for my hair. I can get curls to hold for days if I take care of them when I use this to set them before curling.

Now to the makeup, it’s been a month of ups and downs for many things and some days I just don’t feel like doing my makeup at all. But my face shows my tiredness, and honestly I sometimes look like I’ve been in a fight lol. So I’ve been mixing the MAC Pro longwear concealer (NC50-very orange) with the L’Oreal True Match concealer (W6-7-8 very yellow) to make the perfect cover-up shade for my annoying acne scars. It shocked me just how well they worked together. I wanted a long wearing concealer to hide the darkness under my eyes and old acne. At first I was going to go for the NC45, but it was out of stock sadly. Considering I had this very blendable yellow  concealer, I figured mixing them would give me the best of both worlds. And it does, makes me look almost flawless, while my skin can still peep through so I don’t look cakey.  Love this combo!

Aside from concealer, I sometimes feel a little more adventurous and try out eye looks which are appropriate for work, or even if I’m headed down to town to run errands. Been loving these neutral eyeshadows I bought from Coastal Scents, which I hauled here and have swatches of to post.

Most interestingly, I’ve been loving Expensive Pink eye shadow from MAC as an all over lid colour, then something brown in the crease if I have the time for it. I could wear this eyeshadow and the Milani’s Fantastico Mauve daily and not feel overdone. I am in love with these two. Don’t mind the shimmer either, it’s subtle and makes me look dewy. One this I never do without is grooming my eyebrows with my favourite e.l.f. Studio eyebrow kit. I’ve tried other pencils and I don’t like anything quite as much as this. The wax give amazing hold and the powder is a great match for my hair colour. It’s not every day I want to wear eyeliner, but the Milani Ultra Fine liquid liner is a much easier choice than the NYX Studio liner. I wear it when I have more time to apply it. I love that it doesn’t smudge or rub off too easily although it’s not waterproof. Once it’s set, that’s all there is to it.

We're finally to the end of this double feature favourites, it took me a pack of Chips Ahoy, a glass of water and lots of breaks to write, I hope you don’t mind that it’s so long. Tell me, what were your favourites this month? any repeat favourites from February? What about your favourites outside of beauty products? Until next post…


  1. I've been loving elf this month!
    Check out my month's favorites; http://yayalicemay.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/march-favourites.html

    Alice May xx

    1. elf makes some really amazing products sometimes, and at that price, you can't beat it with a stick either!


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