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Friday, April 25, 2014

Last Relaxer, Routines, Products & Curls | Hair Update #8

Hey all, it’s been ages since my last hair update. I actually meant to write this prior to going to my hair dresser 2 weeks ago for a touch-up. Let’s start with the past…

My last relaxer touch-up was 1st February and I had stretched to 10 weeks before relaxing this time around. Not really my intention, but sometimes these things happen. At my February touch up my hairdresser used the Motions Hair Relaxer and it left me with sleek results, but it did take a long time to process as usual. On top of that, it really started to burn my scalp.. I hate the burning part! So we decided we would switch to another relaxer on the next touch-up to see how my hair and scalp would fare. Hopefully little to no burning.

Next day after my hairdresser appointment (at GFE)

My own maintenance for the relaxer for the next couple of weeks was pretty easy. Moisturise daily, wear a satin bonnet at night, wash every 2 weeks and deep condition each time. As for the styling, I feel like I’m one of those girls that can never fully get a grasp of the style they imagine in their head for their hair. I did try wearing it down for about a week or 2, but I did eventually get bored because that required curlers and finding a style that didn't make me look like Shirley Temple. My shoulder-length hair coils up very easily with curlers set overnight and it takes about 3 days sometimes for the curls to fall. There’s good and bad in this, as my hair looks like I've cut it to an ear-length bob which I think make my head look weird, but it’s great to have the curls last so long. I just hope to find some more inspiration when it comes to styling them.

I had wrapped my hair that night and I got sleek results, almost too flat for my liking. 

Besides wearing it down, I decided to wear it in a bun, my go-to style especially when my curls or straight hair just aren't cooperating. I know this can be a bit dangerous for your length and edges though, so I do try to switch up the positioning of my bun, and take it down at night, so I don’t have as much tension on my hair.
When it comes to wash days, I realised the routine of every 2 weeks has really been working out for me, as well as the products I've been using. I've been tempted to throw in a co-wash every week, or sometimes when my hair has a little too much product in it, but instead, I resorted to just not applying any product the following day. May be I’ll try co-washing weekly this time around, but I feel as though I may not need it, due to my hair becoming so easily over-moisturised, leading to limp lazy hair.

Go-to bun...

Did I tell you guys about how easy it is for my hair to retain moisture since I've been relaxed? It’s appalling! I've even had to tell myself not to apply as much product, simply because my hair goes very limp when it’s over-moisturised. Something I touched on in another hair post.
I used my 1 1/4 " curling iron for these curls. 

Here’s a couple snaps of how I typically curl my hair overnight. I like flexi-rods, they’re my easy go-to. I just recently got some more (the orange ones) and I’m still feeling out the size of the curls and what styles I can do with them.
Left these in over-night

I'm not over the moon about these kinds of curls

Since this post is bordering long, I’ll make another post on my most recent relaxer for all of those curious about those results. As well as another with a full breakdown of my current hair care regiment which includes the products I used for the curls and daily maintenance.

Ended up pulling back the front, so my hair didn't look as wild all over.
Until next post…

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