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Friday, May 30, 2014

How to make Clip-in hair Extensions | Hair

Hey all! I am on Instagram a lot and it had peaked my interest for clip-in extensions after stumbling across Bellami, Irresistable Me, and a whole host of other clip-in manufacturers. Most people already know about weaves, but to be honest, I don't know just how long I could stick to having same hair on my head. (Let's not talk about itchiness...) Why not try to make your own extensions?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Avons Solutions Nurtura Skin Replenishing Cream | Review

Hey all! My skincare is always changing, usually because of what is available and how my skin is acting. Most of the time I can get away with buying any daily cleanser, but when it comes to face moisturisers, it's a never ending battle. I got this Avons Solutions Replenishing cream from my aunt who retails Avon products and I've been very happy with it.

Avons Solutions Nurtura Skin Replenishing Cream

This product comes with 50mL of a light, sweetly citrus scented peach cream which is said to have Grapeseed oil, Sunflower seed oil and Phyto-sterols for skin replenishment. A dollop of product goes a long way to moisturise the face and neck, I've had this jar since mid February, and I'm only now seeing the bottom of it. (Mind you, I took these photos in April)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cute Mini Bottle Necklaces | DIY

Hey all! I was perusing my YouTube subscriptions and stumbled across the cutest DIY by The Classy It Girl, also known as Roxy! Makes me wish I had those little bottles to create my own. It was very simple to make and required no hard work whatsoever!

This video is a part of her #MakeItInMay series, which I've been following along. DIYs definitely don't have to be crazy expensive and over the top to look amazing, at least that's what I've realised from what she's shown me. Actually it's quite easy, you just have to try! As Bajans say, "every spoil is a style", so can you really go wrong?

I hope you enjoy this DIY, and thank you Roxy for letting me share it with my readers!
You can find her at theclassyitgirl.com, YouTube or on Instagram.

Monday, May 19, 2014

BornPretty Store Natural 10 pair False Eyelash | Review

Hey all! Twice in one day, weird I know, but let's get into it.
I received these eyelashes from the BornPretty Store to try out as well as this lovely brush. Straight off, I am not an avid lash wearer but I do wear them from time to time. Since I had every dramatic lashes in my stash, I figured some natural looking ones would be better suited to me. Plus that way I could get away with wearing them more often and people wouldn't be fanned by the intense lashes.

How I keep my hair healthy & hydrated! | Hair Update #9

It's been a long time in coming but without further ado, here’s my updated hair care routine!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

You might have noticed...

Guys, you might have noticed some subtle changes happening here at the Chrisamor Goodie Jar over the past 2 weeks. From background images to sidebar changes and now my site header is looking a bit naked too. The Chrisamor Goodie Jar is undergoing a bit of a rebirth.

What you may not have noticed is that this site is now at the web address www.chrisamorbeauty.com. It's been some time that I've wanted to own by domain and although "Chrisamor Goodie Jar" is a cute name, it's just too long to type into a browser and it's a hassle to remember for many too, so I'm simplifying. I'm still going to keep my Jar, because I simply love the idea of it, but look out for a more modern jar, along with an even cuter blog header. I'm working on it!

Also there are some new tabs to check out at the top of this page too! Some are still a work in progress and I definitely don't mind your feedback on any of the new features and changes. Most people change all at once, but I wanted to do it gradually, because I just am too excited to keep it all in!

They'll be the finally reveal coming soon, along with a really nice surprise for all of you readers.
So until next post...

Monday, May 12, 2014

BornPretty Tapered Foundation Brush | Review

BornPretty Store Brush Review title image
Hey all! I was lucky enough to be sent this cute pink brush from the BornPretty Store to review. It has a similar design to those from Real Techniques with synthetic bristles. This brush is also available in blue and gold. This is a tapered foundation brush in case you were wondering, however I feel it would work well for cream or liquid face products such as blushes, bronzer highlighters, you know those things. It took me about a month to receive my items, but they are coming from Asia, Singapore or HK, and for free shipping, what's a bit of wait right?

BornPretty Store Tapered Foundation Brush

First off, this brush is of medium density, it feels very sturdy and has a good weight to it. Despite appearing to be metal (perhaps aluminium), it's not uncomfortable in the hand. I love the rubberised grip at the bottom too, because if my hand is a bit oily, there's not much slippage. I didn't notice any strange smell when I took it out of the packaging, which is a great thing, but I did notice that the bristles were very soft. They felt like butta! I washed this brush before use and I was amazed at how quickly it dried, it about 2 hours on a sunny day and it was ready to roll.

BornPretty Store Tapered Foundation Brush

When it comes to application, this brush falls short just a bit. I realised I needed more foundation that I had used with my flat paddle foundation brush. However, the finish is flawless! You don't have to be an expert to achieve streak-free coverage, which I really appreciate and it doesn't take a long time to get my entire face covered either. But using twice as much product... that's bit much for me as I want to make the most of my product.

I'm always lazy about washing my brushes weekly (or between uses, though I really should), but I can say from the time I got this brush, washed it and used it, I've seen no shed hairs. That's saying a lot about this brush's quality, especially when it's just $5.99USD (on special). I cannot compare the quality to that of the original Real Techniques brushes though as I've never owned or used them.

BornPretty Store Tapered Foundation Brush


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and cute design
  • Good weight
  • No Shedding (so far)
  • Flawless, streak-free finish
  • Soft but dense bristles
  • Easy to use


  • Brush soaks up product (making me have to use more)
  • Shipping time could be a doozy (but it's free and they actually ship to Barbados)

The Raw Sugar:

I am definitely happy with this brush, for one it's cute and it gives me outstanding results. Like I said before, I'm not too pleased about the need to use more product with this brush, but that's just me penny-pinching.

Where to Purchase:

If you want to pick up this brush too, BPS has given me a coupon code to share with you guys for 10% their already affordable store. They have makeup brushes, palette, nail art stuff... the works! Thank you again Alicia from BornPretty :).

Disclaimer: This product was provided by the BornPretty Store for review purposes. However, my opinion is in no way influenced by the aforementioned.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Neutral Coastal Scents eye shadows | Swatches

If you hadn't seen when I hauled these eye shadows, you can click here.

Coastal Scents Neutral Eye shadow Haul & Swatches

I really like Coastal Scents eyeshadows, the prices are unbeatable for the quality you get. Definitely great for those pursuing professional makeup, without having to spend a small fortune to start up. Of course you can always upgrade and  purchase more high-end professional makeup when you get better too. 

Coastal Scents Neutral Eye shadow swatches
All of these photos are taken without flash btw, and the colours are still beautiful! No primer was used either, so just imagine how much they would pop with a good primer. What's interesting is how buttery smooth the mattes are, it almost seems as if they're satins.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April's Collective Beauty Spoilage | Haul

So last month I was walking by the beauty supply store on St. Michael's Row,  having a bit too much time on my hands before reaching my meeting, I decided to step inside for a bit. It was like angels had sang upon me, it was restock day! I picked up this huge jar of shea butter, which will definitely last me more than a year. Especially when I whip it up with some oils to create my moisturising shea mixture. My close friend Samieka had also been on the look out for the Cantu Shea butter deep treatment masque, and lucky for her I was able to get one before the sold out. You should have seen my fear when a voice from the aisle next to me asked where the Cantu products were. I got what I wanted and moved along swiftly, these are in high demand!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Milani Baked Blush | Review & Swatches

Hi all, I picked up these gorgeous blushes back in February when I was lucky enough to catch Diamond Girl on a restock day. Since then, I’ve been killing the shade Fantastico Mauve! This is the perfect everyday shade for me now, especially since I wear foundation daily and I don’t want the completely dead matte look.

Cute, but bulky packaging.

I bought these blushes for about $16BDS each, The price varies by the store you get them in, but I haven’t seen them too much cheaper than that. As you could tell from the pictures, they’re shimmery blushes, with Dolce Pink (DP) being the biggest offender for chunky noticeable glitter. I thought I would have liked Dolce Pink much better after some of the shimmery overlay was gone, but I realised that the shimmer seems to go throughout the product. So I typically use that one very seldom, or as a highlight for at night. While Fantastico Mauve (FM) is my new go-to blush, but I have to be careful, as you can overdose on this intense colour very quickly.

Friday, May 2, 2014

First ever.. Liebster Award! ^__^

I just want to say thank you to the lovely Janine from her new blog, Tres Belle, Tres Chic also on YouTube for my very first Liebster Award nomination! I've been following and interacting with her for quite some time and I'm always surprised by how fabulous she is. I'm truly thankful and excited to be nominated for this award :), never in my dreams would I have thought I'd been a recipient. Granted this is an internet award but nonetheless, I'm really excited!

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