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Monday, May 26, 2014

Avons Solutions Nurtura Skin Replenishing Cream | Review

Hey all! My skincare is always changing, usually because of what is available and how my skin is acting. Most of the time I can get away with buying any daily cleanser, but when it comes to face moisturisers, it's a never ending battle. I got this Avons Solutions Replenishing cream from my aunt who retails Avon products and I've been very happy with it.

Avons Solutions Nurtura Skin Replenishing Cream

This product comes with 50mL of a light, sweetly citrus scented peach cream which is said to have Grapeseed oil, Sunflower seed oil and Phyto-sterols for skin replenishment. A dollop of product goes a long way to moisturise the face and neck, I've had this jar since mid February, and I'm only now seeing the bottom of it. (Mind you, I took these photos in April)

Avons Solutions Nurtura Skin Replenishing Cream

My skin has been soft and supple while using this. It works well to moisturise all day long, regardless of A/C or sunshine. It works well under the eyes as well, and the package recommends that you use it there. I never have dry skin while using this! What is sad is that this cream has 0 SPF, so you would still need to apply a sunscreen. Since this is supposed to be used both day and night, I guess that's why they left out the sunscreen factor. Another impressive thing is that the key ingredients they advertise are within the first 5 ingredients, with the exception of the phyto-sterols which occur just out of the top 10.

Swatches of the Avons Solutions Nurtura Skin Replenishing Cream

Best part about this moisturiser is that is has been heavy enough to feel like I am actually moisturising, yet light enough not to cause me more blackheads and whiteheads, and NO breakouts either with this product. The only downside again to how moisturising it is, is that you can look rather greasy. You really have to let this absorb into the skin and for me, I go a step further by adding setting powder or powder foundation so it doesn't look too greasy.


  • Smells good (light sweet citrus scent)
  • Medium consistency
  • Absorbs well
  • Keeps skin moisturised all day
  • Can be used as day- or night-cream
  • Key ingredients near the top of ingredient list


  • Face can look greasy without powdering
  • Availiabilty (need an Avon Rep)

The Raw Sugar:

Do not underestimate this small orange jar. It's a little wonder and the price is reasonable too. Way better than the Clinique Dramatically Different gel, although this isn't a gel formula. It definitely makes my skin look and feel much softer. This is even better priced than some of the drugstore options here in Barbados, especially since it works so well. I am impressed and would repurchase this.

Where to purchase: 

(I looked and wasn't able to find this on the Avon website, I don't want to think about what that even means! But I did see it in their campaign magazines earlier this year.)
Local Avon retailers, Amazon

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