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Monday, May 5, 2014

Milani Baked Blush | Review & Swatches

Hi all, I picked up these gorgeous blushes back in February when I was lucky enough to catch Diamond Girl on a restock day. Since then, I’ve been killing the shade Fantastico Mauve! This is the perfect everyday shade for me now, especially since I wear foundation daily and I don’t want the completely dead matte look.

Cute, but bulky packaging.

I bought these blushes for about $16BDS each, The price varies by the store you get them in, but I haven’t seen them too much cheaper than that. As you could tell from the pictures, they’re shimmery blushes, with Dolce Pink (DP) being the biggest offender for chunky noticeable glitter. I thought I would have liked Dolce Pink much better after some of the shimmery overlay was gone, but I realised that the shimmer seems to go throughout the product. So I typically use that one very seldom, or as a highlight for at night. While Fantastico Mauve (FM) is my new go-to blush, but I have to be careful, as you can overdose on this intense colour very quickly.

The pigmentation seems to vary with these shades as well. Although FM is highly saturated with colour and as I said, you can easily overdose on the colour. While DP is barely noticeable. I saw more glitter than colour with this shade. I am not sure if that’s because the shade just isn’t great with my skin tone, or if it ‘s due to the lack of pigmentation. As you can see in the heavy swatch, it looks like it may be a pretty shade, but when I apply it to my cheeks (blended out swatch), between battling with the glitter and how much product you have to put on to see any colour, DP is too much of a hassle. FM is the complete opposite, you get colour from the first brush stroke.
You can already see how shimmery DP is without flash

I just had to show you how pretty this one is with flash
The formula of each other these is very smooth, and far from chalky. But of course with baked makeup, you get fallout, so you have to be careful. The packaging definitely does not help with that as you have to lift up the product to reveal the mirror, leading to dusting up the viewing screen. I also find the compact to be cute, but a bit too bulky for what it is. I could not imagine walking around with two of these blushes in my makeup bag, because they would take up all of the space. Aside from the packaging and dustiness, the staying power is good, I can get through the entire day of work and still have a bit of flush to my cheeks. Of course, this is dependent on the foundation you are wearing. I find by itself on just moisturised and powdered skin, it doesn't last 8 hours, but you may get 4-5 hours wear before it's gone.

Lift up the blush pan to reveal a brush & mirror


  • Affordable
  • Pigmented
  • Good texture (not chalky)
  • Lasts about 4-8 hours depending on foundation.


  • Availability in Barbados (these are always sold out)
  • Shimmer might be too much for some, especially with certain shades
  • Bulky packaging

The Raw Sugar:

All in all, these are a good product for those looking for blushes similar to the higher-end baked blushes, just beware of the shades and your skin tone.  Dolce Pink may be a miss for women of colour, but Fantastico Mauve, is my new love.

Where to purchase:
Beauty supply stores such as Diamond Girl, Caribbean Queen, #1 Beauty Supply store/ High Fashion, Be Cool Beauty Supply (Barbados), Beauty supply stores, Milani online store, Cherry culture (USA/ rest of the world)

Until next post...

Disclaimer: This product was bought with my money. Opinions are my own. 


  1. Aw these are such pretty shades! Great review x x



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