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Thursday, May 15, 2014

You might have noticed...

Guys, you might have noticed some subtle changes happening here at the Chrisamor Goodie Jar over the past 2 weeks. From background images to sidebar changes and now my site header is looking a bit naked too. The Chrisamor Goodie Jar is undergoing a bit of a rebirth.

What you may not have noticed is that this site is now at the web address www.chrisamorbeauty.com. It's been some time that I've wanted to own by domain and although "Chrisamor Goodie Jar" is a cute name, it's just too long to type into a browser and it's a hassle to remember for many too, so I'm simplifying. I'm still going to keep my Jar, because I simply love the idea of it, but look out for a more modern jar, along with an even cuter blog header. I'm working on it!

Also there are some new tabs to check out at the top of this page too! Some are still a work in progress and I definitely don't mind your feedback on any of the new features and changes. Most people change all at once, but I wanted to do it gradually, because I just am too excited to keep it all in!

They'll be the finally reveal coming soon, along with a really nice surprise for all of you readers.
So until next post...


  1. Lovin' the new look. Did you create it yourself? If so. . . major kudos to you!

    1. Thank you! I am trying to do it by myself, of course with feedback from others too. Thank you again :)

  2. Mind checking out my blogs and following via GFC and bloglovin?
    fashion/beauty blog ; littlevoguebook.blogspot.com
    quote blog ; littlequotebook.blogspot.com

    1. You have another blog rihgt? wander Lust? I remember reading it some time back, sure I'll check out your other blogs.


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