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Monday, June 30, 2014

4 Heat-less Summer Hairstyles

During summer, the weather can be crazy, one minute it's all bright and sunny, the other it's raining. Irrespective of the weather, you may want to reduce the damage your hair gets, especially since elements are out in full force. Sun, humidity, salt water, not to mention chlorine from swimming pools, so a heat-less hair style is definitely the way to go!
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1. Make waves with Twists or braids

This one is super easy, no special tools or anything. Just plait or twist your hair in as many or as little sections as you want. Then more sections the tighter the waves will be. You can use a setting spray, hair spray or gel to help the braids to hold, then just sleep on the style. When you wake up, with moisturiser or oil on your fingers, unravel the braids, and finger comb to the desired look.

2. Corkscrews for tight curls

Similar to the twists or braids, this is a style you can sleep in and wake up looking flawless. Corkscrews however can be a little bit more troublesome since you have to work with damp hair. It's best to use setting lotion or another holding product such as mousse with this style and make sure the hair is fully dry before you take it down. Again if you want tighter curls, create smaller sections of hair. If you go with very large sections, you're more liable to get waves or poor curl definition, unless you leave it in very long. Basically, you take a section of hair and roll or twist it, then wrap it around itself to form a ball. Secure  onto scalp with a hair pin or elastic if it doesn't stay on it's own. The take down is the same as for the twists or braids.

3. Chic bohemian updo

I found this on Pinterest and couldn't resist! With the hot weather, it's good to have your hair up every now and again. Imagine after days of curls or waves doing this cute tuck and French braid style. You could do it on straight hair too, but I just think it would look more fun with curly hair.

4. Messy top knot


There are so many ways to do this hair style, each rather unique. I like to tease my hair, then make a bun by pulling and wrapping random sections and pinning, since my hair is short. Then of course you have to tug at the base to make it a bit messy too.  

Sorry this wasn't posted on Friday, I wasn't feeling my absolute best, but I'm great now. Thanks for waiting, this is actually the last instalment of the summer series. I'll be returning to more reviews and other posts. I do hope you have enjoyed these though. Let me know if you have any suggestions for other series this summer.
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  1. The likelihood of me wearing my hair down frequently this summer is slim to none! Hello messy top knots and goddess braids!

    I love this compilation! Thanks for sharing. I wish that I could nail that beach wave look!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Hahaha, well Sometimes the heat does really deter from that. But I'm vowing to myself to wear my hair down more often. Or at least a different style of updo besides a bun -__-. If you do any of the looks let me see! OH btw, I did the flexirod set again, and it came out great, I have a post coming out on it shortly. :)


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