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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

5 Refreshing Summer Drinks

Hey all! Summer means lots of hot, sunny days and the worst thing to do (besides getting sunburnt) s to be dehydrated. Here a few non-alcoholic and alcoholic treats you could try to relieve your parched throat. If you do go with the alcoholic ones be responsible and remember to drink water as well!

1. Koolaid Ice cubes

This idea is very easy. Make Koolaid, fill a ice tray with the liquid, freeze and then add to Sprite or plain soda water.


2. Raspberry Beer Cocktail

If I were having a special girls' evening, I think this would be perfect to keep things interesting. And it's pretty too with bright raspberries floating in this girly pink drink!
You just need beer, pink lemonade concentrate, vodka and of course, fruit such as raspberries to garnish.


3. Bubble Tea

This one is a bit harder than the first two, but trust me, this is delicious! Even though it's tea, do not underestimate it for you typical black tea. You need to prepare the boba separately and store it in the fridge in simple syrup. Then you can brew up some tea (chill it afterwards), and if you want a fruit flavoured syrup to go along with it, combine the ingredients, add ice and enjoy! I love the little tapioca pearls, they're so yummy!  You can always read here to find out more details on Bubble tea making.

4. Blueberry Sangria Lemonade

This is another easy one to do, you just need Chardonnay (or some people use cheap wine), pink lemonade concentrate (see a pattern here?), Sprite (or other lemon lime soft drink) and blue berries. Combine all of the ingredients and let it sit in the refrigerator for an hour where the flavours can mellow.


5. Cold brewed Iced Coffee

Although this sounds like there's some complex process, it is really is very easy. Brew your ground coffee beans in cold water rather than hot.  Apparently this give the coffee a less acidic flavour and it's much smoother. I'm yet to give this a whirl with our coffee press.The jar of brewed coffee can last up to a week in the fridge too, so that's great for cutting down all those trips to the coffee shop.


Oh and here's a little something you may not have known.

I know, so useful!

Happy drinking!


  1. Nice Post!! lol and we're bajans we don't follow the red cup guide line lol bottoms up!!


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