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Friday, June 13, 2014

8 Trendy Fashion pieces for Summer

We already talked about the skin and hair, so why not get into trendy clothing pieces? With it being hot out, you definitely don't want to be uncomfortable, but you shouldn't show too much skin and risk getting sunburnt either. Best of all, you want to look stylish while doing it all! (FYI, this is what I think is trendy, or what I would wear for summer, but I'm no fashion expert.)

1. Skater Skirt or Fit & Flare Dress

This style has been making waves since Spring and I quite like it. It can give the perfect shape to just about anyone. Creating the illusion of a tiny waist was never easier. Perfect for summer because as it heats up, you can effortlessly look fabulous. Skater skirts are easy to pair with cropped tops or even just a regular slouchy tee for a laid back vibe. Did I mention that there are just too many cute skater skirts and dresses on Forever21 to choose just one. I have to keep away from their site, because I want them all!

2. Maxi Dress or Jumper

Always a summer stable, a maxi dress goes a long way. You can get them in tons of styles. Casual, formal, semi-formal, but almost always elegant. I am very ashamed to say that I am not the owner of one of these fabulous dresses. I always say I'll work on that for summer, but I never get around to buying one, rather buying something as boring as denim pants or shorts. Maybe this summer will be the summer for the Maxi and me. Also another elegant piece, is the Jumper, it's very breezy and easy to wear. Just what you need for summer. Cinnamon Store here in Barbados always has a ton of nice jumpers for many occasions. Or you could try shopping on H&M or Forever21 for some nice ones as well if you live overseas.

3. White Tee

I've only realised recently how iconic and versatile a white tee can be, thanks to Jen and Christine. I love plain tee shirts in general, but white goes well with so many things, denim, prints, grunge, prep. I suggest you get a good quality white shirt if you want to get the most wear out of it this summer. JCPenney offers good quality, affordable and not to mention, comfy T-shirts from the brand a.n.a. and their custom brand.

4. Jelly Sandals

So funny story, when I was younger, my mother totally scared me out of even liking these kinds of shoes because she told me back in her day they would cut up your foot. Just imagine the imagery that put in my mind...I  hate shoes that you have to break in for the same reason, the blisters, ugh. Fast forward to 2014 and they're making a reappearance again. I honestly cannot deny how cute jelly sandals are, but I admit that I'm still scared that they'll give me blisters. The struggle! If you are a braver soul than I, you should totally try them and tell me how they are! These ones are from ASOS.

5. Wedges

Another classic summer piece, but when do wedges ever go out of style? Especially espadrille wedges, I think those are the most chic of them all. I would recommend not paying a small fortune for these kinds of shoes either because they're mostly seasonal, unless you live in Barbados where it's hot all year-round. But I find that an affordable pair can get you about the same comfort level as the more expensive counterpart.

6. Affordable Sunglasses

Never was one for lusting expensive sunnies, so it's no surprise that inexpensive ones are on my trendy list. For one, they're just fashionable for a time. If you find yourself wearing them here, there and everywhere, i.e. tossing them in your bag, wearing them on your head, dropping them and taking them on all your summer adventures (beach, I'm looking at you), then why ruin an expensive pair? Unless you need an Rx in yours, or polarised lens. But if you just want to look cute, Forever21 was endless possibilities for shades. For me, I got my pair of cat-eye sunglasses here at the Cinnamon Store and I'm impressed at how long they've lasted. I always get compliments when I wear them too!

7. Satchel or Crossbody bag

After seeing many girls sporting these types of bags, I find myself strangely liking them. They're small and still fit a good amount of stuff. Though I like to carry the kitchen sink with me.  Although I like the book bag look of this one that I bought from SammyDress (affiliate link), I think you should spend a bit more on a classic bag because it'll last a long time. But since it's just for trend, I'm still happy.

8. Gigantic Beach bag
When I go to the beach (or even just daily) my bag has to have almost everything I could need because I hate feeling unprepared! Plus I don't have a car to store all of my ish in, so the bag has to compensate. Funny enough, that doesn't include me carrying makeup. I fell in love with this personalised bag from Shop Glitzy Glam, to take to the beach. It's big enough to hold EVERYTHING!! That makes my day! If there is anything that I absolutely must have from this list, it would be a ginormous beach bag for all my excursions.

What would be your top trendy pieces for summer? Are you like me and feel the need to have a fit-all bag?

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