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Monday, June 16, 2014

Make-Up Doll Make up Party

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Make-Up Doll Makeup party. MUDC is a local cosmetics company started by Shakita and Ebony which has been taking Barbados by storm since about 2012, though I feel like they were around for much longer than that. So anyway, when you combine wine, makeup and plenty of makeup enthusiasts you're bound to have a great evening!
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Anansa- MUA, Shakita- Co-Founder of MUDC (L-R)

The venue was the small but cozy Palm Garden Hotel, and the evening started off with samples of various wines and Fireball Whisky, which I now think I need a whole bottle of because it had an interesting cinnamon kick. There were also displays of the MUDC products for us to test out. The response from the attendees was so great that they needed to set up another sampling station. This just seems to happen any time Makeup Doll is on display, girls go wild, as was the case at the last Girlfriend's Expo.  The items were also available for purchase. Of course, I was still on the hunt for the elusive purple Lip Shocker, but more on that later.

Anansa shows us the tools for the job

Anansa from Beyond Imaginations was also there to do demos of the products. We started off with an eyebrow shaping and filling demonstration followed by a Q&A. She made eyebrows look so easy to do! She used the MUDC Eyebrow trio, an angled brush, a flat top brush and an eyebrow comb/brush to complete the look. I was impressed! The best part about it is the advice she gave. She said when shaping your brows stick to your natural shape as closely as possible, because nature knew what was best. The key to a good eye was also the arch, but don't overdo it either, just take away some of the excess hair to give a gentle arch.
Brows done

After the demo, we took a break to purchase food and cocktails and practise filling in brows, while Anansa did a bit of eyebrow grooming on the ladies attending. My friend and I decided to get our brows done. I was way overdue to have mine shaped. I was quite happy with the result, I had a lovely arch, something I tend to struggle with.
They added MUDC eyeliner to this look to complete the Day-time makeup
We resumed the party with another demo, this time a full makeup tutorial, a day to night look. It was a very lovely look, I think we could have stopped at the coppery, golden eye but, the crowd was going wild for the smokey, and with good reason too. It's like the most sought after makeup look. Throughout the tutorial, Anansa gave us even more great advice, on the brushes we may need, colour pairings and adding to your day look. One thing that I think everyone should remember from the demo is Anansa's advice on eye shapes. We all have different eye shapes, and thus the eye shadow placement will vary according to your needs, regardless of how great a YouTube tutorial is.

Morphing into a night look
Back to the purple lip shocker, although it was there to test, there sadly was none available for me to purchase. Did I mention that the cosmetics are handmade? So they are constantly making batches of their cosmetics which are always a hot topic. From the swatches alone, I can tell you that the lip shockers are very pigmented. Almost like a liquid lipstick! I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for when there is more, so I can review it for you guys. The pigments they offer are beautiful too, but as you all may notice I hardly go for the bright colours or loose shadows, since they're a bit of a hassle. Though one of the dark grey pigments had me on the fence about buying it.

Lashes (also by MUDC) applied and looking great! 

Final look- Sultry golden smokey
Definitely had a great evening for a makeup enthusiast like myself. I can't wait until there's another, which may be soon thanks to the great feedback!

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