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Monday, July 28, 2014

Long Lasting (no sharpen) Brow pencil | Review

After about a month of trying this eyebrow pencil out, I'm pleased to say I can give you all the deets on it! I saw this as a novelty, similarly to the eye shadow tattoos, because you don't have to sharpen this pencil. I'm all about simple life. If only my hair would agree with me most times, haha.

This eyebrow pencil came in the colour dark brown which goes well with my natural hair colour. It's not too stiff or too soft, but a good medium hardness that allows you to create even strokes without it simply wiping away. Definitely good pigmentation and the finish is also matte which I appreciate. You can use a light hand to create a more natural look, or a heavier one to give a more dramatic full brow.

I liked to pair this brow pencil with a little of the Maybelline Great lash clear gel, for a more finished look. Plus the pairing seemed to elongate the wear time of the pencil. I would say with the brow pencil alone you could get 4-6 hours wear, but with the gel a full 8 hours or maybe more. This doesn't just sweat off for sure. But if you're like me and your eyebrows tend to be sparse closer to the tails, then beware of wiping your tail off. That has happened! Especially those hot, humid days.

In terms of making your brow hair lay flat, you would need more product to do so, and that tends to make the brow look more dramatic. Not my particular cup of tea (hence my pairing it with brow gel). But I do have wavy brow hair if that helps you to understand the picture better.
I used the eyebrow pencil more dramatically for this makeup look

On not having to sharpen this pencil, the first time I pulled the string to try out how the unravelling mechanism worked, I lost about an inch of product. Then there's the fact that I have to manoeuvre the paper around it, so I can still cover the pencil.That was a bit tedious. But once you get the hang of unravelling it the first time, it's a lot easier to do a second or third. At least there's a lot of product. This pencil is longer and slightly wider than your standard brow pencil.
Here I used the long lasting eyebrow pencil and the eye magic eyeshadow tattoo


  • Doesn't require sharpener
  • Good pigmentation
  • Last a number of hours even in humidity
  • Sweat-proof
  • Affordable
  • Lots of product (huge pencil)


  • First attempt at unravelling pencil makes you lose product
  • Doesn't keep my eyebrows laid flat

Product Details

Colour: Dark Brown
Available in 4 colours
Made in China

The Raw Sugar

I do like that it doesn't require sharpening. Especially good for when you can't find your sharpener. The pigmentation on this product is good as well as the wear time. However, just be aware that the first time you unravel it will be a task and u may lose some product. At least there's a lot of it!

Where to purchase: BornPretty Store
Use the code ALLH10 to get 10% off your order.

Disclaimer: This product was provided by the BornPretty Store for review purposes. However, my opinion is in no way influenced by the aforementioned.


  1. Great review! i'll check it out. i was looking for a new eye brown pencil.
    Shana from www.Technotini.com

    1. I'm glad that you liked it :) you should check it out!

  2. Woah the self sharpening feature is really interesting! I've never seen it done like that before!


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