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Friday, July 4, 2014

ORS Olive Relaxer progress and Flexi-rod curls again | Hair update #10

Happy Independence to all my American readers!
My last relaxer was 7th June, I know, I'm way late on this post. I actually missed out the post on my relaxer in April. So let's get right into this!

April Relaxer Update

At February's touch-up, I asked my hairdresser about another brand of relaxer to try out. Since Meg raved so much about about how good their relaxer was, I chose to try the ORS Olive Oil Professional Creme Relaxer (green jar), fine to normal hair type. I had pre-based my scalp with vaseline as my hairdresser had advised, the day before and tried to keep the manipulation at a low all week, which was a challenge since I was working and needed to look tidy, but such is life.

4b/c Hair relaxed with ORS Olive Oil Professional Lye relaxer

She put on the relaxer starting with the back of my head as usual, and moving to the front. By the time she got midway she was already complaining about how long this was taking to breakdown my hair, but still pressed on to finishing the application. Trust me, it takes a while with my hair density. She finished the front and  went to smoothing out the back, again tutting about how slowly this was working, and unfortunately, I started to fell that tingle coming. By the time she got midway again, my scalp was burning. SIGH, she finished up as quickly as she could and rinsed. Sweet relief. She told me the hair wasn't as straight as she'd normally does for my hair. I was a bit disappointed, since this brand was supposed to work fabulously. I summed it up to the density of the new growth I had and not a good enough preparation. So next time, I resolved to relax on time (6-8 weeks) and less manipulation even. The hair still looked silky and was straight, but there were the burns.

4b/c Hair relaxed with ORS Olive Oil Professional Lye relaxer

June Relax update

This time, a little bit more prepared We tried with the ORS again. I had based my scalp really good the night before and kept the combing to a bare minimum, figuring out I should substitute the brush instead and finger comb if necessary. Worked wonders actually. We agreed on doing the hair in parts just be be sure about the processing.
We started with the back section, applying the relaxer and then went through again smoothing. My hairdresser was able to smooth almost twice before the infamous burning sensation started up, but here's the thing, the hair was taking even longer to process. After a third time, we had to rinse. Believe that my hair was still under processed. No Bueno.

Moving onto the front of my hair, I agreed to let her use the regular Motions Hair Relaxer because I wanted my hair to be done as good as we could get. She applied, smoothed once, then twice by the time the tingle started, and funnily my hair was processed, so I was able to rinse it out. We followed up with the ApHogee 2 min reconstrctor, which really impressed her with how strong and soft it made my hair feel, then my usual rollerset and hood-dryer routine. You could definitely see the kink that the back section of my hair still had, but the front was smooth. My hairdresser told me, although the ORS gives a smoother, silker feel, the Motions just works on my hair faster. I have to agree with that, and without burning me as badly too. Luckily this time I had 0 burns! YAY! So despite the hype of this brand, I think I'll stick to their after-care products.
I'm such a bad blogger, I didn't take photos of the back of my head, but I will definitely fix that in my next update. BTW the difference in hair colour is due to a permanent dye I put in my hair between relaxers. I am still contemplating adding a really fun colour next, bleaching it and so on. Despite the hair dye, my hair has been retaining length and a small trim to even out my ends was all I needed! Yay for progress! I just have to keep up the routines.

Flexi-rod Success

Last time, I mentioned that I bought some new flexi-rods in hopes of getting a spiral curl set done. I've gotten it! Yay! Took some research and oogling other hair bloggers' lovely results, but I think I got the wrapping technique down :) Woot! Here's the proof  ^__^. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw these already.
Flexi-rod set on relaxed hair using purple and orange flexi-rods

Flexi-rod set on relaxed hair using purple and orange flexi-rods and Elasta QP Design Silk

Flexi-rod set on relaxed hair using purple and orange flexi-rods and Elasta QP Design Silk
This was about 3 days after the initial set, and these curls were still pressing on.


  1. Sounds like you will be abandoning the ORS. I use it on my hair which is fine to medium and it can get my hair bone straight but I prefer abit of texture left.

  2. I think ORS is known for relaxing slower. What you can do is to rather than base the scalp with Vaseline leave the hair unwashed for two or even 3 weeks before the relaxer. The scalp then produce its own protection. When you put Vaseline on your scalp it probably also cover some of your new growth and that will slow down the process.

    Your hair looks really nice! I like the sassy hair cut!


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