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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Hair Rock Brazilian Body Bundle First Impressions

Hey all! You might have noticed, I'm more into my hair these days. I feel as though I have my makeup down, but when it comes to my hair, I am struggling. I've been experimenting with products and extensions since last year, and today I have another set of extensions which I've just recently installed. Since it's my first time with real, real virgin hair, and ordering it online, I decided to do any unboxing review, and my first thoughts a week after the install.

Big props to my lovely friend who installed this hair. I'm no good at outside cornrow, nor can I see the top of my head, so the help was definitely appreciated! AND I think she did a fine job too, it sits nice and flat on my head and looks good in a ponytail :).

How the hair came packaged.
I'll quit my yapping and just let you enjoy the video. Look out for the follow-up in the next 2 weeks on this hair, with my final thoughts. (this video was filmed last week btw)

Oh and just so you know, they ship INTERNATIONALLY!


Company: The Hair Rock
Type of hair: Virgin Brazilian Hair- Body bundle
Colour: Natural Black
Lengths: 14" (2 pcs) and 16"
Installed: 2 bundles (14, 16")
Price: ~$115USD (prior to shipping and Customs)  They seem to have it even more discounted now, so the price is even better!

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